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Tools for app analytics are crucial for comprehending user behavior and pinpointing mobile app development flaws. Following are some well-liked app analytics tools and a quick tutorial on how to utilize them:

Tools for App Analytics

Google Analytics for Mobile

This free service aids in monitoring user growth, retention, and activity across your app. Additionally, it connects with other Google platforms like AdMob and Firebase to help you maximize user experience and increase profitability.


Using this App Analytics tool’s real-time tracking and user segmentation, you can monitor how various user demographics utilize your app. You can identify the user journey points when users stall out with Mixpanel funnel analysis.

Flurry Analytics

This tool provides information on the user’s engagement, behavior, and demographics. In addition, using Flurry Analytics capabilities, you can monetize your app with the aid of in-app advertisements and purchases.

Firebase Analytics

This free tool provides user retention, engagement, and behavior information. For interacting with users, Firebase also provides crash reporting and in-app messaging.


You can observe how people engage with particular aspects of your app using this tool’s behavioral analytics and user insights. Using Amplitude’s A/B testing tools, you can enhance your app’s performance.

It would help if you utilized an SDK to incorporate these app analytics tools into your app to use them (software development kit). You can start tracking user engagement and activity as soon as the device is integrated. Specifying your key performance indicators (KPIs) and establishing objectives for what you want your app analytics to accomplish.

To gain a deeper insight into how various users interact with your app, segment your data by user demographics, behavior, and engagement while evaluating your app analytics. Then, use this information to pinpoint problem areas and improve your app’s user experience and engagement.

Analytics from Adobe

Even those who are not technologically skilled are familiar with the moniker Adobe. Adobe offers a robust and feature-rich solution for assessing your mobile apps and well-liked tools for creating multimedia content.

User retention is the fundamental goal of the analytics strategy when utilizing Adobe Analytics.

The platform offers everything you need to understand the typical user’s path within your app, from audience segmentation to campaign acquisition tracking.

You can benefit from the Mobile Starter project, which provides you with mobile reports and visualizations at the forefront of the market.

Similarly, one of the most excellent methods for analyzing user behavior and improving the user experience in real time is the Adobe Experience Cloud SDK.

Ecommerce App Development

Social Media Analytics

Another product from a well-known corporation that merits consideration is Facebook Analytics.

Its main selling feature is this platform’s omni-channel advantage for mobile app analytics.

In addition to monitoring user behavior within your app, it also uses Facebook demographic data to understand your audience across various devices better.

What you get is an analytics approach that enables you to design highly user-focused mobile experiences and ad campaigns that are well optimized.

All the information you need to take quick, strategic action is provided in one report by the machine learning-powered analysis.

Web, Android, and iOS developers may use this powerful solution to meet their analytics demands.


A cloud variant of the open-source corporate utility Countly is available for hosting on your servers.

This platform’s premise is that keeping existing users engaged requires much work and is frequently more important than attracting new ones.

Using Countly, you’ll primarily be concerned with tracking events, new users, and their usage patterns. All of this is quick and easy because of the dashboard’s ease of use.

Mobile analytics simply

It is also feasible to monitor internal issues and receive notifications by phone or email whenever one happens. You can view the issue report to learn what caused it.

Many mobile app platforms, including iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry, the web, and even additional IoT platforms, are supported by Countly.


Another analytics tool with a tone of capacity for monitoring all user interactions is Heap Analytics.

You may gather all the required data on your user base by thoroughly analyzing metrics like clicks, taps, form submissions, and swipes.

What’s more intriguing is that Heap monitors all of this data automatically.

The platform is perfect for beginners and experts who want a simple point-and-click interface.

You may create user segments, adjust conversion funnels, and set up tags if you need more alternatives.


AppAnnie, a relatively new player in the industry, excels at integrating information from your mobile app to give you a competitive edge.

The solution uses goods from the Market and Analytics categories to satisfy your analytics needs.

The items in the Market category give you pertinent and informed information about what other app developers are doing.

On the other hand, analytics packages help you comprehend your app’s performance and consumers. For example, AppAnnie was the first in its class to offer real-time side-by-side analysis of market data and your product data after introducing Ascend, an analytics-based ad solution.


A web-focused solution with an equally potent module for mobile apps is called SmartLook.

Screen recording is one of the service’s most intriguing capabilities. You may use this function to monitor incredibly specific user data by using various filtering methods.

Using an API, you can connect recordings of users who have registered to your database further (API). Similar custom events, funnels, and rule-based heatmaps are possible.

Regional Locality’s

Every mobile app analytics effort aims to continuously enhance your marketing campaigns. Locality’s is entirely devoted to this. Their tagline, “Your Results Matter,” makes this clear.

Upland Locality’s thoroughly examines your app sessions to deliver on this marketing analytics promise and assists you in identifying user trends and patterns.

Thanks to these insights, you have a comprehensive understanding of the elements that cause particular behaviors within your app. After that, you may utilize this information to inform your user engagement and marketing strategies.

What is Analytics for Mobile Apps?

What is App Analytics

Tools that track, observe, and assess user behavior within a mobile app are called mobile app analytics. You may enhance your app in several ways with the help of the data you get from mobile app analytics tools (more on this to come).

What percentage of users have downloaded your app? How long do they work on it? Are there any noticeable declines? In that case, when and why?

There is much more information to learn, but this is just a tiny sample of the data you’ll have access to using mobile app analytics. For example, modern mobile app analytics solutions let you record and replay user sessions. These can be used to make heatmaps and funnels so you can see how users move about your app.

How is app performance impacted?

Moreover, inadequate SQL queries, misconfigured network equipment, and inefficient code techniques at the application layer are typically significant problems influencing application performance.


App Analytics tools are, without a doubt, a crucial part of any modern successful mobile app marketing strategy. Yet, selecting the best match for your app might be difficult with the many options available.

It’s crucial to remember that there are only so many solutions that work for all mobile apps. Every instrument works flawlessly in several departments. Hence, based on the crucial criteria we’ve gone over, we advise you to match the best platform for your project aims.

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