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The world is heading towards digitalization and businesses from all across the globe are busy in launching an app for their products and services. We understand that the fast-paced and highly competitive business environment doesn’t allow much time for anything. But if you will dig a little deep, you will certainly realize that “haste makes waste”.

Most mobile apps had brilliant concepts and hired the best on-demand app development company but eventually failed to achieve expected results. The actual mistake that they made was they highly prioritized swift app launch despite anything else. In this blog, we are going to discuss the consequences of rushed app launch that may hinder your app’s performance and consequently, its level of success too.

Never Be Hasty to Launch an App

No matterhow well you plan your app development project and which customize app development company you hire, the fact is, you have to prudent regarding certain aspects of app development. Expecting things to be delivered as per your wish may have serious outcomes.

Today, a user wants to download an app within few seconds. Moreover, the massive volume of apps available on the app stores intensifies the competition with a limited attention span on users’ part. There are more than 5 million apps available on both Google and Apple stores and you really need to be very specific while your app development, if you don’t want to get lost in the noise of millions. Hence, it’s not just that you launched an app and it will start yielding desired results for you, you have to be proactive in your approach.

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Lack of Originality

Lack of Originality

Offering a digital product that simply resembles any other app’s features and functionalities will not help you outpace your competitors. You need to work on unique value proposition (UVP) to optimize user loyalty and overall success of your app’s concept.

For this, you need to research the type of market you are going to enter and the competitors that exists. Look for a possible solution to the problem that your competitor apps failed to provide and include it in vision statement of your product. Ask your Android app development company to work diligently on it.  You need to take prototyping seriously as it’s a key factor to ensure user-centric navigation and designs. It will require rapid iterations to arrive at your product’s maximum feasibility. Most businesses fail to realize the importance of this indispensable part for app development and ignore it to launch their app ASAP.

Hurried Platform Selection

Both Android and iOS platforms have intuitive interface guidelines and they operate in different ways to appeal different user groups. The reason to consider this aspect seriously is that you gain some statistical knowledge based on data of platforms. For instance, an iOS user is always considered to be more affluent and informed in comparison to an Android user. This information may affect the type of monetization strategy that you are going to adopt for your app.

Hence, depending on the scope of your project, you must select a platform wisely and then plan for its desirable features and functionalities. Apps that don’t perform well across different devices, networks, and operating systems end up creating a trouble for its owner. Most app owners ignore this crucial factor to launch their app swiftly in the market and face various troubles thereafter.

Poor User Experience

Poor User Experience

In mobile app development, there are certain crucial factors that comprise of several components to offer unmatched and exceptional user interface of an app. Both UI and UX keep immense importance in an app’s success as users like exploring apps in an uninterrupted way. Anything that confuses them or simply stops them from further exploring the app may end up their interest in your app and this directly leads to uninstallation.

You must ask your customize app development company to consider these following factors with due attention and expertise.

  • Speed of the App
  • Loading Time
  • Lengthy Registration Process
  • Too Complex Features

The sole criteria to ensure an app’s success is to ensure its usability along with a comprehensive interface. Creating an amazing UX will certainly help your app to gain instant recognition and huge userbase. To achieve this, you need to be very intuitive in practicing your product’s design and understanding your target audience’s unmet needs.

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Testing is Time-taking Process

You must never ever force your iOS app development company to perform swift testing and approve the product for a final launch. We understand your eagerness to launch your app after investing so much money and effort into it. But everything will go waste if there remains any serious issue regarding ap’s performance or loading time. Your entire excitement will suddenly turn into mourn when you see your app facing troubles in downloading and performance.

A study by Blancco technology Group stated that 58% of iOS devices face performance issues including app crashes and shutting down of components. Allow your mobile app development agency to implement testing as thoroughly as they can. This may take some more time but it will be well worth of investing it at this crucial stage.

Poorly Planned App Launch

Another major factor that most app owners often ignore to make an early launch for their business app. A perfect and well-planned app launch strategy has a significant impact on acquiring maximum userbase.

You can ask your on-demand app development company to prepare an established marketing plan for your app and it must be executed without any fail. There’s a saying, “First impression is the last impression”, and when it comes to an app’s performance, the saying goes perfectly fine. The first impression of your app within first few weeks of launch matters a lot in developing trust among users. Hence, you must focus on a detailed plan to launch your app.


We hope that the above-mentioned information must have offered valuable insights into an app’s launch to make it perfectly fit for your target audience. Choose a mobile app development company wisely and discuss all these things clearly with them.

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