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The competition is getting so fierce that businesses have to come up with extraordinary and innovative solutions to match the pace. Predictive Analysis is such a concept that has transformed the way businesses used to plan and execute their tasks. Predictive analysis in mobile app development works on Big Data and Machine Learning. The technique is much resourceful in calculating how likely a possible outcome is based on customer data and historic records.

Perfectly planned predictive analysis enables any Android app development company to draw conclusions and improve its productivity. It sets the limit for risks involved in app development and enables foolproof planning accordingly. Predictive Analysis makes app development much affordable, worth, and time-saving process both for developers and stakeholders. In this blog, we will discuss how to gain maximum out of this proven technique that most businesses across the globe are adopting on large scale.

A Brief about Big Data Analysis

A Brief about Big Data Analysis

As much of your predictive analysis will be based on how effectively you use Big Data, you must get acquainted with this concept first. People, organizations, and machines produce massive structured and unstructured data that has to be analyzed critically. An iOS app development company can easily examine big data trends, opportunities, and risks involved in SDLC using some best Big Data analytical tools. This helps them gain crucial insights into relevant data that has to be used while iOS app development.

The more data you have, the better are the chances to leverage it for delivering maximum satisfaction to a client. With the help of statistical techniques of data, algorithm, and ML, a mobile app development company can easily figure out possible challenges and opportunities involved in a particular project.

How Can Predictive Analysis Enhance an App’s Performance?

How Can Predictive Analysis Enhance an Apps Performance

Predictive Analysis in app development facilitates optimizing the app delivery pipeline with accurate estimates of time, effort, technologies, and costs incurred on them. The technique allows developers to eliminate bottlenecks and enhance the relevance of app. A detailed predictive analysis will offer crucial insights into the type of project and developers can make best use of that data-based information eliminating all possible risks and ambiguity.

How to Use Predictive Analysis in App development?

How to Use Predictive Analysis in App development

If you really want to maintain a competitive edge as an Android app development company, you need to create a model based on predictive analysis. Predicting user behavior and deriving relevant strategies on it will certainly allow you to calculate actual working hours required for a project, amount of testing needed for that project, and eliminating expected bugs based on that information.

Here are some crucial steps that you must follow to get most out of predictive analysis in app development.


An Android app development company must deeply analyze the scope of predictive analysis before implementing it in any project. You must get an answer for the need to predict and understand. What is that thing that you can derive out of past activities of users and how efficiently you can use it in your Android app development project?


You need to pool up all structured and unstructured data and then quickly scan its relevance using the best advanced predictive analysis tools. Select the most relevant data as per the app category and make a foolproof predicative modeling.


The data that you have collected must be refined well to ensure its relevance to the mobile app development project and then select the inputs on which it will work. The entire data must be fragmented in a systematic way that different team members can gain much required insights for their tasks.


If you really want to turn your analysis into business results, you need to involve an executive sponsor who can understand and manage both analytics and business. Make a note that relevance of the data must be assured before implementing it to your iOS app development project.

Identifying Trends in Device Usage

Another major advantage of predictive analysis in app development is identifying the trends in device preferences of users that will help developers to create highly compatible mobile apps. Compatibility and scalability of mobile apps remains a crucial factor in its success, hence, you must ensure that an application performs well on devices that people actually use. Predictive analysis also helps developers to configure analytics interface for gathering data on each user’s device, hardware, and operating system.

Benefits of Predictive Analysis in App Development

Greater User Retention: The best part of predictive analysis is that it portrays the best relevant information to benefit user retention to a great extent. It offers exact view of users’ tastes and preferences and what exactly they expect out of an app at present. It enables an Android app development company to fix issues and amplify features of an app that brings maximum user loyalty.

Personalized Marketing

Have you ever wondered how does music app Spotify recommend your favorite songs? Personalized marketing is the latest trend that drives users crazy and tempts them to use your product without any second thought. Predictive analysis in app development ensures offering more personalized features and functionalities in an app. This helps an app to get maximum attention by users as people prefer apps that offer personalized content and features.

Facilitates Relevant Updates

Another major benefit of predictive analysis is that it helps a mobile app development company to identify key performing areas of an app along with its weaknesses. The technique offers complete information on which screens users have visited most and which not at all. Having this information will allow an IoT app development company to provide required updates on time that users will love to see.


Predictive Analysis is a much proven technique that is widely used over different industries and sectors including healthcare, enterprises, supply chain management, and many others. To make most out of your predictive analysis, you must ensure best tools for it like Flurrry, Localytics, Amplitude, and Urban Airship. These tools will help you to keep things managed and get the best relevant information to enhance productivity and performance.

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