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After a climatic shrink in traveling this previous year, people are shifting again. So far, despite serving cash incentives, these two Lyft and Uber rides haring giants are still struggling to bring back all drivers, taking too much time for soaring prices and customers. Android App Development Agency

Lyft and Uber have invested millions into these efforts, however, some older drivers are not even thinking about these impulsive packages or trying to arrive at rising pricing. A big number of people are still withstanding. A volunteer organizer with Rideshare Drivers United, namely Nicole Moore told that “drivers are in a low-key strike.”

Uber Lyft

On the other hand, Dan Ives from Wedbush stated in an email, “right now it’s a mini debacle for Uber and Lyft in terms of driver shortages and surge pricing throughout the US.”  According to him, drivers are mostly 40% below capacity. The older ridesharing drivers are avoiding the road for multiple reasons. 

Some people are fearing the continued pandemic, which is the thing that made them stop driving in the first place. Now, the U.S. population’s almost less than 50% is completely vaccinated against this COVID-19. It is released according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s data. 

Louis Wu, a Texas resident, and former rideshare driver said that “this thing is not over yet, people can still get sick.” Uber stated that 80% of drivers have decided to rejoin while they are vaccinated. The organization has also massively funded resources into making people vaccinated, catering free rides to vaccine spots through this early July, as an initiative to get people into normal life and back on the road.Cost to make app development

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