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In the present era of technology, Gmail is the most popular email platform that is used by millions of users. Gmail is Google’s free email service and we can easily find it at “mail.google.com”. In the present era of mobile app development, if you want to make your mobile email experience more pleasant then Gmail is the best option for you.

Does Gmail put advertisements on messages?

Normally, Gmail is sponsored by AdSense ads and these ads appear on the side panel of mail messages when you open them from Gmail website. The best thing about Gmail is that it does not put ads on messages or anything to your outgoing mail. In this digital age, users don’t see any kind of ads on Gmail messages on Android phones. Gmail finally overtook Hotmail and become the most popular web-based email service. According to ComScore data, it is revealed that Gmail is best email service that is used by large number of users.

How do you get an account?

Earlier Gmail was used to be available by invitation only but now we can sign up at any time, whenever we want! The time when Gmail was first introduced, its growth was limited as users can invite a limited number of friends to open their accounts. No doubt in saying that such things build its reputation in Android app development world. On 14th Feb 2007, the company announced to end the limited invitation system.

Features of the Gmail Android App

Here we are describing amazing features in Gmail for Android that you may not have known about but should definitely be using.

Smarter searching

One of the interesting thing about Gmail is that it uses a huge number of operators that provide us the power to create specific searches without any hassle. Well, there is no need to use all of them but they are genuinely extremely useful. We can easily search for a sender, match or exclude specific keywords, search for older emails, and search for any attachments.

Control with Gestures

Well, Gmail app does not have too many gestures. App developers has built special thing through which users can quickly read their emails by opening one and then swiping left, just like you are turning page of an ebook. If you want to delete messages from your inbox then just swipe them away.

Select Multiple Messages

Users probably know that they can choose multiple messages from inbox by long pressing on one and then tapping others. Besides this, users can also choose emails simply by tapping the colorful circle that is appearing in the left side. Well, those circles are hidden in the settings but you can easily choose multiple messages by long pressing with multiple fingers at the same time.

Format your mail

When you use your phone for email, you just knock out a quick message without worrying about its presentation. There are various basic formatting options that are available in the Gmail app. If you want to access those features, just long press in the compose window, type email and then choose Format. By doing so, a formatting bar will open that provides you various options i.e., italic, bold, underline, text color, text background color, clear formatting etc.

Mute conversions

If you use Gmail app for work or any kind of group situation then sometimes you will find yourself being cc’d in the initial email, even if you are not part of that communication. Such things not only clutter your inbox but also risks overloading you with tons of notifications. To deal such problems, Gmail has a handy method. All you need to do is, just open the messages in the conversation, tap on 3 dot menu button and then choose “Mute” button.

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Let it learn

To organize your emails, Gmail uses machine learning. If you have mistakenly marked a message as “important” then just open the message, tap on 3 dots menu button and then choose the option “Mark as no important”. In the same way, you can mark messages as important if they have not been.

Add non-Gmail accounts

In Gmail app, you can add other accounts that do not belong entirely to Gmail or they are related to other web mail services. Yes! Gmail can handle email accounts from other services too, so you can add any person. Open the app and tap the drop-down arrow that is next to your account name. After that, choose the option “Add Account”. Besides this, Gmail also provide support for Exchange accounts, along with Microsoft and Yahoo webmail so you can manually configure any POP or any other IMAP account too.

Share an email with other apps

Gmail provide you facility to save the important emails just by tapping the star icon. If you want to find them later then just open the “Starred” folder.  But what will you do if you want to save the email to Evernote? Well, you can easily do that by long pressing on a word within a message. You will see little blue tabs; just drag them apart to highlight the text that you want to save. After that, choose Share button from the little menu box and select the app you want to save it to.


Needless to say, Gmail app is more powerful than it just appears as new features are still adding from time to time. Do you need a powerful webmail service for your business? Why to wait, just get in touch with award-winning iOS app development agency i.e., Fluper where innovative solutions are offered to clients across all platforms and devices.

Anshul Sharma

Anshul Sharma is the visionary CEO of Fluper, the leading mobile app development company known for its innovative solutions and cutting-edge mobile applications. With a relentless drive for excellence and a deep understanding of the tech industry, Anshul leads Fluper with a focus on delivering value-driven products that transform businesses. Under his leadership, Fluper has become synonymous with quality, reliability, and innovation in the digital space.

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