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It’s been a long time since we had our first smartphone, and since then, we have come across some of the greatest breakthroughs ever made in the app development industry. Apps play an integral part in smartphones, from booking tickets to playing games, apps can pull off almost any task we can think of. Now that we are talking about such tasks, nowadays, on-demand apps have made an impact on our day-to-day lives, from ordering foods and services to booking cabs and hotels, on-demand apps are there for you.

For those who don’t know what an on-demand is, we are glad to tell you that this is the right place you are looking at. We, being an app development company, have written this blog just to tell you how on-demand apps and Android complements each other.

Before diving deep into “why Android is suitable for an on-demand app development?” it would be right to discuss what an on-demand app does.

Some Popular On-Demand Apps

 Ever since the introduction of on-demand apps, businesses have taken over this venture like a storm. Here we’ve given some of the best examples of on-demand apps which you may have heard for once.













What is an On-Demand Application?

On-demand apps are the ones that connect the end-users with the service provider. Back then when we had no smartphones and apps, we used to call service providers and wait for their response. Now, with an on-demand application, you can book the services/orders and you’ll get that service at your doorstep.

An on-demand application helps a user to avail services and requests in literally no time, along with that it enhance the service provider’s business.

What Are The Benefits Of Having An On-Demand App?

 Today we have different and unique business ventures that are doing everything they can to provide their services to various customers. Now to reach out to a maximum number of customers and to stand out from the crowd, making an on-demand app might be the best option available. Here are the best types of on-demand apps:

iconLaundry Services

iconHospitality Services

iconBeauty Services

iconFuel Services

iconHousekeeping Services

Keeping these services in mind, we’ve listed some of the benefits of having an on-demand for your business.

iconOn-the-Go Marketing

A mobile application can make your business accessible from anywhere.

iconEmployee Satisfaction

It depends upon the user-friendliness, ease of project management and usability of the app.


On-demand apps are integrated with top-notch security features that make sure the user’s data is not compromised no matter what.

iconImprove Sales

With an app, you can sell the products and along with that, you can generate new leads for the business.

iconTracking Facility

Users and businesses can get exact information and location of the product in real-time using map service.

iconCashless Payment

The On-demand app promotes the option for making cashless transactions which are preferred the most nowadays.

iconReview and Ratings

Once the service/product has been received, the app lets the user leave a review and rating regarding that particular service.

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Key Reasons That Make Android a Prime Choice for On-Demand App Development

 Believe it or not, the on-demand app industry is growing somewhat at a constant rate, which means more businesses along with start-ups are investing in making on-demand apps. However, most of them are facing constant failure as it is not that easy as it seems to be.

One of the main reasons behind their failure is the confusion of “what’s better for on-demand app development: is it Android or iOS?” Being quite an expensive affair, they cannot build apps for both platforms. It is necessary to choose one among them.

Are you stuck between these choices too? If that so, then it is recommended to consult with a trustworthy mobile app development company, or you can always consider hiring app developers for the same.

Now, it’s time for us to help you out in making the right decision. However, we’d recommend you to go with Android, and here are the reasons why.

iconIncomparable Customization

In today’s era, an average app user’s demand is evolving every single day as we are highly dependent upon the latest trends. Now, to address such needs it is important for businesses to stay updated with the trends and use them to create custom functionality.

Since we are talking about customization, there is no denying to the fact that Android is much better than iOS. Android offers next-generation flexibility to app developers which let them update the app regularly.

iconLarger Market Share

Android and iOS are the two mobile app market leaders and strong rivals as well. When compared, you’ll get to know that Android holds a large market share than iOS.

As of now, Android holds approx 86% of the market, while iOS, on the other hand, holds 13% of it. And when it comes down to the apps on both the platforms, the Google Play Store is said to be having more 2+million apps, and iOS with almost 1.8 million apps.

iconGoogle Play Store Policies

The Google Play Store is the favorite one amongst app developers as it is way more lenient than iOS in terms of guidelines for publishing and rejection. The app review time on Play Store is faster as developers don’t need to follow any terms and conditions. Along with that, getting an app approval in Play Store is way easier than Apple’s App Store.

If you are planning on making an on-demand application for the first time, you need to pay $25 registration fee to make it live on Play Store, well, that amount is $99 on App Store.

iconGoogle Assistance

The best part about Android app development is that you can get support from Google Assistance, which is an advanced voice-based digital assistant. It grants access to various data points that make it more effective and accurate than Apple’s Siri.

iconData Storage

Another big reason for choosing Android is it provides 15GB free storage capacity and other facilities of cross-platform. Other than that, you can store and manage the data on Google Drive. Moreover, Google has its cloud platform which let users access their data quickly whenever they want.

On-demand apps are known for housing large amounts of data and to manage that effectively, a big storage unit is required.

iconAccess to Advanced Features

When it comes down to harnessing features like GPS, Google Maps, and Push Notifications which are also important for on-demand apps, you cannot go wrong with Android. With the help of Maps, users can track down their services in real-time. Along with that, with the help of Messenger feature, users can carry out communication with the service provider.

Industries That Are Using On-Demand App

iconHome Services

Like we said, back then we had to move places to places in search of services. But, times have changed, ever since we’ve got on-demand apps, we can get anything we want and that too at our doorstep. As far as home services are concerned, the on-demand app works as a middleman between the home service provider and the seeker.

iconFood Ordering and Delivery

Food ordering industry has undergone some noteworthy changes which have made this service quite a desirable one among us as we don’t have to step outside to get food. Being a task that most of us fail at, now food can be delivered to wherever we want.

iconTaxi Booking

Uber is hands down the best example to explain taxi booking services throughout the world. Since the introduction of such apps, the typical taxi services have been sidelined. Unlike a taxi booking business, Uber does not own even a single taxi; instead, it connects the user with a nearby driver.


Just like the food industry, Healthcare had also gone through various changes and updates which has made this industry one of the largest of all time. However, when it comes down to using an on-demand app in healthcare, there have always been certain issues to it, but they can be solved easily.

Let’s Wrap Up

On-demand apps are highly focused towards offering effective and user-friendly experience to consumers at all times. It is the ease that makes us go crazy about such apps. Looking at the current on-demand app market, it can be said that these apps are going to be here for a long time as the benefits aren’t just targeted towards users, businesses are too making the best out of these apps.

Final Thoughts

Are you planning on making an app that can help your business to grow? Well, if that’s the case, then relying on a mobile app development company would be the right choice. Speaking of trustworthy, Fluper is considered to be a top-rated app development company that’d be happy to help you out in the best possible way.

Akansha Pandey

Akansha Pandey, Director of Sales at Fluper, is a leader in technology sales with a decade of experience. Known for her strategic approach, she excels in driving business growth and forging strong client relationships. Akansha's expertise lies in consultative selling, team leadership, and exceeding revenue targets. Passionate about mentoring, she enjoys sharing insights with aspiring sales professionals.

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