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The main reason why smart phones exist is to help us stay productive at all times. Apparently, these devices are super yet mini computers that we can take anywhere we want. We have access to web, we can do all our work, and we can never imagine ourselves without them. Keeping all that aside, Mobile App Development has reached such heights that now we can now do most of our work without facing any issues whatsoever.

Now the fact is, there are tons of applications on both Android and iOS platforms. To make help you out in choosing the app which you always wanted, we’ve enlisted some of the best apps out there.

Apps to Boost Productivity, Accountability, and Success

Below mentioned is the complete list of apps that helps you to boost up your productivity at work, accountability, and Success. Have a look.


You can find a literally endless amount of to-do list apps on both the platforms and many of them of good enough to trust. However, if you really would like to organize your life, then only quite a few will deliver, like for instance Wunder list.

The app is very easy to use, yet just like any other app, the more you explore the more you’ll get. A user can create actions directly from the web or by forwarding emails, arrange related items in folders to keep them organized, add due dates and attachments.

Other than that, all your lists can easily be shared with others for more streamlined collaboration on complex projects.


It doesn’t matter how well organized you are, sometimes you’ll be in one place and the files and people that you need are somewhere else. And that’s the time when you can completely rely on TeamViewer.

Once you are done with the whole setup process, this powerful free-for-private-use tool allows you to access and use remote devices as you were sitting right in front of them.

The app lets you collaborate with up to 300 all at once. You can hold web meetings with video, audio, and text chat, a whiteboard, file sharing and what not.

The latest TeamViewer enables screen sharing feature on the iOS devices specifically, well, this is something you won’t get anywhere else on both Android and iOS platforms.


Efficiency or productivity isn’t just about getting things done. Apparently, in this list of apps for improving productivity, Evernote is one of the best. Ideas can strike you anywhere, and that’s when Evernote comes into play.

It doesn’t matter if you want to make a quick to-do list or a lengthy essay; Evernote is the app that’ll help you out in the best possible way. Moreover, the app has a “reminder” option as well, which lets you notified every single time whenever there is an important task.

Other than that, all your notebooks can be synced across all your devices, which enable you to view and work on them anywhere.

Top 10 Apps That’ll Help You Stay Productive At All Times

The app is known for managing, organizing, and sharing everything from simple to-dos to major project management tasks. In order to start things out, all you have to do is just drag cards onto a Trello board.

These cards represent single tasks, with priorities and deadlines attached. If you are searching for apps to power up your productivity, then you can always rely on Trello as your ultimate companion.  

Moreover, there’s a whole library of power-ups, custom cards which allow a user to integrate a host of third party services into the workflow: OneDrive, Box, Evernote, GIPHY, GitHub, hangouts, Join.me, Mailchimo, Twitter, Zendesk, and more.


It is quite understood that no matter how much time you’ve got online, it’s never sufficient to go through the internet. In doing so, you tend to open more and more browsers tabs, and bookmarks that you most likely forget with time.

This app acts as somewhat of a central storage to hold articles, videos and other content for easily accessing it in future. Apparently, these aren’t just links, this app can download for offline consumption, and you can also send them to another user’s Pocket, or even share them directly via social media.


Nowadays we have multiple accounts for various websites and subscriptions. To be honest, passwords are really something that can bring somewhat of a breach on our privacy.

Well, in order to avoid such a scenario, a good password manager is required. LastPass is one such manager which is preferred by millions of individuals. The app can quickly generate and secure passwords, and save them in an encrypted vault.

Once you are done with setting up the app, all your passwords will be available across all your devices; LastPass will log you in with just a single tap.

Other than that, LastPass can remember and use other details too. Let’s take an example of e-commerce-whenever you are shopping online; at the time of check out the app can auto fill your address and payment details.

G Suite

If you haven’t heard of G Suite yet, then it is quite sad as this app has a lot to offer. This app is one great free online productivity suite which enables the simple and speedy creation of documents, spreadsheets, presentations and more.

The app can also be used to convert a document from one format to another. G Suite can open PDFs, Office Documents, and even can extract text from images to export the results in numerous common formats.

Well, there’s one thing that you should keep in mind and that is the files that you create don’t use up any of your 15 GB of free Google Drive Storage. So, if you are looking to share an immersive amount of documents, then G Suite could be the most effective way to do it.


If you are a social media influencer, then we are glad to tell this app is just made just for you. Buffer is one such app that can manage, create, schedule, and track the performance of a user’s social media posts.

In terms of flexibility, scheduling is a great way to set up a different date and posting times for each of your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and other accounts.

The app’s comprehensive analytics allow users to track down clicks, shares, clicks, comments, re-tweets, and more. It helps you understand which posts work better for you and your followers, and can help you out in improving your social media reach in the future.


There are a handful of ways to set up a virtual meeting, but sometimes it can get awkward to the extent which you never imagined it would. This app focuses on making this easier.

With the help of Join me, anyone can host a meeting in just a click, or join by entering a code in their respective web browser, with nothing to download and install. Isn’t that great?

Additionally, one can schedule and record the meetings as the app has audio support which enables participants to call in or use their device’s microphone and speakers. It’s free to create a personalized Join.me URL, with pricing starting at $10 per month which is suitable for meetings of up to 5 people and $20 a month for Pro account which is better for more participants.

MetaCtrl Sync

The software enables intelligent background syncing between Android devices and some popular cloud storage services, including Google Drive, Box, and OneDrive.

Once you are done with the setup, new files on your device can be automatically uploaded to the cloud, while cloud storage files are automatically downloaded. Now, you must be thinking that it is quite similar to that of desktop. Well, honestly it’s how desktop clients work. While on the other hand Android app can let you manage the process by yourselves.

Now, the basic syncing in this program is available for free, but by paying, you can enable syncing of files larger than 10 MB, works with multiple pairs of folders and many other useful features.

The work here for us is done; now all you have to do is just choose the app which you liked the most. The apps that we mentioned above are totally based upon their user review which means they are the best and reliable apps on which you can trust the most.

Keeping all that aside, the companies that provide app development services are striving hard in making such applications as these kinds of apps are in huge demand. So, if you too are looking forward to making enterprise mobile apps to boost your productivity, then this might be the right time to invest.

                                                   Final Thoughts

Being a top rated app development company Fluper has the experience and developers to make such apps. Delivering top-notch apps has always been a plus-point of our company. So, if you’d like to make an app just like the ones we mentioned above, make sure to contact us.

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