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News applications might be searchable databases, sleek visualizations or something else but they are main windows into the data behind a story. News apps encourage readers to interact with data that is meaningful to them so that they have information about crime trends in their area, search political contributions to their candidate, checking the safety records of their local doctor etc.

Check out the types of news apps –

  1. News Aggregator Apps

News aggregator apps are the first category where the mobile applications cover incidents that occur in regional, national or international area. These types of news apps are quite popular among the users as it makes them aware of the latest happenings with just a few clicks. At the same time, the choice of news content that is displayed on the application is also very important. All such things are quite interesting for mobile app developers & also grab the user attention. Besides the news, you can also inform users about the important events as well as exhibitions that are conducted in different cities.


  1. Mobile Apps for News Resources

These news apps are beneficial for those who are the owners of web media and newspaper. To enhance the number of relationship across the globe, you can develop a news app version such as “The Times of India” do. If you take such step in this direction, then readers will get breaking news immediately and read about the incidents at the real time. All this allows users to select their interest of niche.

App Monetization Strategies-

The news-based apps lie within the on-demand app category and thus it is important to decide the monetization of newspaper mobile app.   If you are the owner of mobile app Development Company and want to earn more bucks then it is essential to choose the right monetization as that can lead to the path of success.

Have a look at these options such as advertisements & the paid subscriptions- 
The Advertisements

Nowadays, newspapers are full of advertisements and thus it is quite easier to find well-paid advertisements for the daily.  But when it comes to news app, all things will get changed.  During the release of the app, they have different advertisement format as well as ads that continuously get displayed on the screen.

Paid Subscriptions

It is a common app monetization strategy. The main question is why the user would pay an amount to subscribe to get the news. You can offer two separate versions such as paid or free. For the paid versions, you can offer personalized services and if possible keep it ad-free.

Organizing Events

If you get a good response from the potential audience then you can choose this option.  You can organize events such as social debates on trending topics and advertise your application on such a platform.

In the present era of digital technology, there are different types of news apps. Now, have a look at the essential features of a news app –


Like on-demand apps, news app also requires users to register their account. Well, it can be done through the mobile number or email id.  To log into the applications, users can also use social media platforms.

Creating User Profile

Once a person signed into his account, he/she can create a personal user profile and fill up the necessary details. At this time, you can collect important data about user likes and dislikes. One of the most important thing to remember i.e., doesn’t keep the profile page too long.

Push Notification

Push notification is one of the best things through which you can increase customer retention and send important updates regarding important news as well as exciting offers to users.

Option to Filter

It is essential that are offering filter option through which users can segregate the different section of news including business, political, international and sports etc. News can be chosen in different forms such as most popular, breaking news etc.

Implement the social media channels

People generally gather news through different social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Whatsapp etc. Because of all this, it has become extremely crucial to integrate social media so that users can conveniently share the news among their friends as well as groups. So, you must check the authenticity of the news content before publishing it so that it does not create a negative influence on society as well as about your Android app development services.


This option is quite straightforward as through “Search” option users can find the exact news or the information that they are looking for just by typing relevant keywords.

Constant Update of News

The main responsibility of admin is to keep updating the news so that users have an idea about the latest happenings.

Offline Services

You need to offer offline services so that users can access the news if they don’t have internet. This feature will help you to expand user base because can’t stay connected at all time of the day. So, you have to store the news in app cache when you can’t access the internet.

Choosing the Favorite

There is some news article that is exclusive and hence you can use the favorite option to permit users to save all kind of information.

Audio and Video Integration

Various times, users don’t find adequate time to read the news and this is the perfect time when audio format can become a blessing for you as well as for users.  Besides this, they can also convert news into audio format and listen to news on All India Radio.

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App Customization

It is necessary to customize the application according to user needs as they can change the color background and increase/decrease the size of the font. If you are looking for a budget-friendly application then hire an Android Application Development Company.

Features Important from Admin Point of View

There are various features and functionalities that are controlled by admin. So, it is your responsibility that you are offering a strong and powerful Content Management System for the backend development.  At several times, you can conduct opinion polls when exist an important issue for a referendum.

Development Team

The development team remains with the project manager, iOS & Android developer, backend developer, UI & UX designer, Quality Assurance Manager, and App tester.

Cost Estimate

The cost of a news app depends on various factors such as the choice of Android or IOS, native and hybrid, choosing app Development Company, a hiring freelancer. Generally, the cost of developing news-based mobile application would range around $12000 to $13,000. On the other hand, if you want to add advanced features then definitely you have to pay more.

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Wrapping Up

The news is the only field that is properly connected to audiences. With the news app, you can get information from all parts of the world in real-time. The demand for news app is escalating with the passage of time so mobile app development companies are focusing on these applications.


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