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It’s been quite a few weeks since the WWDC 2019 ended, and within that conference, we came across one of the biggest reveals of 2019 (as of now). Yes! We are talking about iOS 13. Apple made an announcement that the latest version of its operating system will be offering such features, that users all around the globe have been waiting for quite a while now.

From very much anticipated system-wide dark mode to being able to connect external storage with an iOS device, this new OS version will be offering some of the greatest features (at least for iOS users)

Being a top-rated iOS app development company, we’ve enlisted some of the features that you might be getting with iOS 13.

Noteworthy iOS 13 Features

iconRevamped Performance

As with 2018’s iOS 12, Apple is now emphasizing more on making improvements in its performance, especially to those devices that are old. As far as know, the company may have learned something from the past where there were reports regarding the new update is slowing down the phone’s performance to an undeniable extent.

Here are some possible improvements we’ll be noticing with iOS 13:

icon30% initial rise in speed while unlocking a device with Face ID

iconDownloads would be 50% smaller and updates, on the other hand, will be 60% smaller.

iconThe app launch speed would be 2X times faster than the past versions

iconSystem-Wide Dark Mode

This is probably the most anticipated feature that has got users all around the globe at the edge of their seats. Moreover, this might be the only best visual update that you’ll be getting with iOS 13. This system-wide dark mode will be supported by all the first-party apps, and along with that, the notifications and the dock will be getting new dark hues.

iconPhotos and Camera

The portrait mode will be coming up with a newly revamped light effect that’ll be going by the name of High-key Mono and an array list of new editing features which would help you change the light intensity to a whole another extent.

Other than that, the image-edit features of the Photos App will also get a new design and controls will be based on swiping action. The settings which will be used for stills can also be used to edit the videos. From now onwards, you’ll be able to add filters and rotate videos.

Last but not the least; the photo library will see a new organization haul, with pictures getting an organized day, month, and year wise.

iconNew Swiping Keyboard

We are very well known to the fact that Apple has offered support for third-party keyboards on iOS for years, however, it has now updated its own default keyboard with a newly introduced feature: a swiping function that you guys must’ve used with SwiftKey, Swype, or Gboard over the years. However, Apple is calling this feature the “Quick Path” keyboard. We know that it’s not a huge update, yet it is noteworthy.


At WWDC 2019, Apple made a statement that the company is making privacy its first priority. It stated that, now, you can choose to give your location data to an app “just once,” preventing it from constantly being able to ping your location when you’re using it.

Along with that, Apple is working on launching a new “Sign in with Apple” feature, which will be making things easier for iOS developers to log in into apps and services. Users will able to use Face ID in order to create a new account for a service “without revealing single personal information.”

With that being said, Apple accounts will also be able to automatically create new, private email addresses on app basis that forward to your real email. Which means it’ll prevent apps from getting access to your email or spamming you.

iconApple Maps

With iOS 13 you’ll be getting a newly updated and a fresh Apple Maps application. As per the knowledge of our sources, we came to know that the app will be adding alterations like beaches, roads, buildings, and multiple other areas. Moreover, Apple has also introduced a new feature on the main screen itself, with which you can organize the trip plan and favorites.

Other than that, a new feature “Look Around” has been added that would enable you to see a location before even visiting them. Along with that, you’ll get a label option that would get you details about a specific location.

iconFind My

“Find My” is an ultimate blend of apps like, “Find My Friends” and “Find My iPhone”. This newly blended app puts all of Apple’s tracking in one place, which lets you track both missing devices and friends and family members all at the same time. The best part about this app is that it can also locate devices that are offline by sending a secure Bluetooth beacon to other Apple devices, relaying it back to Apple, and then, ultimately, to you. You should know for the fact that this app is end-end encrypted and shouldn’t affect data usage, battery life, and privacy.

iconiMessage Profile Pictures

Apple is finally getting Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp style profile pictures and display names that’ll let users share their name and photos with other users for messages.

Moreover, you’ll be able to use Memoji as a profile picture too. Other than that, Apple is also adding a further option for customizing Memoji, as well as adding the ability to use your Memoji as iMessage stickers, which is similar to that Bitmoji does. The best part is, those sticker packs will also be available as custom emoji in apps like Mail and even third-party apps like WeChat.

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Some Minimal Feature That’ll Make A Difference

iconNew Voice Control

This is one of the accessibility settings that Apple had been working on for quite a while now. Apple is trying its best to take it to a comprehensive level.

From now onwards, users can easily navigate and type with the help of gestures and voice commands for almost everything on their screens.

iconDetection of Headphone Audio Level

Hearing health is one of the major aspects in human anatomy and this is one thing that now Apple has come forward to care. The new iOS 13 version will warn the users whenever the ambient noise exceeds the acceptable level.

New Sleep Modeicon

With iOS 13, you’ll be getting a newly introduced sleep mode feature. This is quite a great step forward at tracking sleeping patterns of a user and it’ll also help you set the alarm at the right time.

However, if you’d like to use this feature, you don’t have to wait for the iOS 13 update. Instead, you can download the Sleep Score App from the App Store.

iconLow Data mode

Within the cellular settings f your device, you’ll be provided with an option to toggle the low data mode which would make the applications use lesser data than usual. Apparently, Apple hasn’t clearly specified this feature would actually work, but as per our guess, all the background activities will get suspended whenever you are not connected with a Wi-Fi network.

iconSafari Download Manager

iOS 13 will give you the access to download manager when you download any kind of file from Safari browser. The list of downloaded files is very similar to that of MacOS’s.

It also syncs over to new Files application version wherein you will be able to see all the downloaded files.

iconZip and Unzip in Files App

With iOS 13, you’ll be getting a new Files app, with which you can Zip and Unzip files on the go straight from the iOS device without having to use MacOS. And then you can easily Airdrop the files back to the iOS device with ease.

This is quite a handy option for those who use an iPad and don’t wish to use a third-party application for the same.

iconSilent Unknown Callers

With the latest iOS update, users will have the ability to literally put a stop on receiving unwanted calls. Whenever a robot calls, the user’s iPhone will automatically silence it and send it to voicemail.

iconAn Extended Reply Menu

In the stock iOS email app, whenever you reply to an email, you’ll get an extended reply menu that would give you an option to forward, reply, or delete. It would also give you the ability to mute or notify in case there is a new email from someone.


All the Apple users across the globe are pretty psyched up about this iOS 13 update, and it’s only a matter of time when it will be available to the masses. As you may have seen, these are some of the features that we found somewhat of game-changers, we really think that these features might turn things around with the whole iOS working module.

Final Thoughts

Are you looking forward to making an iOS app? Well, if that’s the case, all you got to do is just contact us; that’s it. Being a top-rated iOS app development company in USA, Fluper would be very happy to help you out in the best possible way.

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