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According to the cybersecurity chief, no verdict has been announced by the security administrations on whether to suggest the U.K. government that it ought to ban Chinese telecom Huawei Technologies Company. Ciaran Martin, the National Cyber Security Centre Chief Executive Officer mentioned at a cybersecurity seminar in Brussels on Wednesday that “everything is on the table,” adding that the U.K. “will not compromise on the improvements we need to see from Huawei.”

A report on the flexibility and safety of the supply chains of Britain is because of the conclusion in March. Jeremy Wright, the Digital Secretary, will make use of it to formulate suggestions to the National Security Council, since the country initiates its 5th generation telecom networks. With the fear that the Chinese government could utilize its systems, in order to spy on other countries, Huawei is already banned in multiple countries, including Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and the United States.

Martin said, “5G security is not a simple, binary choice,”

“It is about complex technical functions, a complex global threat environment, and a complex global market. One thing is clear: the way that market works have to change. Security must be a bigger consideration in market decisions in the future than it has been to date,” he added further.

Within the last 2 years, the government has ascribed state-sponsored nasty cyber movement against the U.K. to North Korea, Iran, Russia, and China. Martin also revealed that in the last year a few U.K. networks, such as telecommunication systems were assaulted by Russia.

In his statement, he mentioned, “As far as we know, those networks didn’t have any Russian kit in them, anywhere,” He further said, “The techniques the Russians used to target those networks were looking for weaknesses.”

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The yearly statement made by the Huawei Cyber Security Evaluation Centre Oversight Board on how the corporation performs its U.K. processes is anticipated to disapprove of its malfunction to take action on the inadequacies outlined in the prior report, a person well aware of the case said in January.

He said, “These problems are about the standard of cyber security; they are not indicators of hostile activity by China,” Also, “Should the supplier market consolidate to such an extent that there are only a tiny number of viable options that will not make for good cybersecurity, whether those options are Western, Chinese or from anywhere else.”

U.S. government companies are formally banned from making use of Huawei, as well as ZTE equipment through an administrative order sanctioned in Aug. 2018, and numerous other countries like New Zealand and Australia followed suit.

As per the U.S. government, 5G networks are vulnerable to cyberattacks as compared to the earlier generation networks. Also, it is suspicious that Huawei brand, which has fixes to the Chinese government, may carry out spying on behalf of China.

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