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Recently Twitter has announced that it will stop reporting monthly active users and it will switch to a new metric that is called as monetizable daily active users. Moreover, the company also said in a statement that Monetizable DAU is also Twitter users who log in and access Twitter through twitter.com or Twitter applications that are able to show ads. In present times, this social media platform has 126 million daily active users and that number is quite bigger than Facebook and Snapchat daily active users. Well, the number is continuously growing and experts have identified a total 9% increase in daily active users.  Besides this, Twitter also said that it’s daily user numbers only include those accounts who can see advertisements. In this report, Twitter has excluded those people who use third-party apps that don’t display any kind of ads. The social media giant has disclosed the percentage growth of daily active users but not the actual figures.

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CEO Jack Dorsey also said in a statement that we will continue to deliver strong performance by focusing on making Twitter a healthier conversational service.  He also added that Twitter is an indispensable platform for hosting unique conversations as it gives users insights into events and debates around the world. Dorsey said Twitter’s strategy includes four objectives i.e., make it easier for users to participate in conversations, promote healthy conversation on the platform, improve the platform for advertisers and focusing on new technologies to improve its services. In a press conference, Twitter said its mDAU are not comparable to current disclosures from other mobile app development companies as various firms share an expansive metric that includes people who are not seeing ads. According to Twitter, the company wants to align external stakeholders around one metric that depicts the role of delivering value to people on Twitter every day. In Q4, the average monetizable DAU were 126 million, however, the number fell to 321 million in the fourth quarter from 326 million in the third quarter.

After announcing its fourth-quarter results, Twitter posted $909 million in revenue and its shares fell nearly 7% after the results were announced. After the US, Japan was its second largest market that is growing 30% and contributing $138 million in Q4. Twitter also stated that video ad formats continued to be our fastest-growing ad format in Q4, driven by strength in First View Ads, Video Website Card and in-stream pre-rolls. The company also added that mDAU will be the metric that Twitter use to show the size of the audience and engagement going forward but the company will discontinue disclosing MAU after Q1 2019. With this new information on how Twitter is focusing on daily users, it really makes sense. Despite all facts, the social network still has to figure out a way to grow.

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