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Uber has recently announced the launch of a brand new feature that will allow its driver partners to cash out all their earnings on a weekly basis. The driver partners can avail this option after they have successfully crossed the minimum earnings amount i.e. Rs.200.
This cash out option can be availed by the driver partners any day of a particular week after they have fulfilled their minimum earning requirement. The on-demand cash feature gives the driver partners the utmost flexibility for extracting the cash out of their Uber account at any particular day of a week.

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Apart from this feature, Uber has recently launched various other features as well for enhancing the overall user engagement and enriching their experience on its platform. Pin-dispatch feature is one of its most recent and amazing features that will help in cutting down the travelers’ overall wait time and will aim at offering them a more seamless pick-up experience. Riders will get a one-time 6 digit PIN as soon as they request a trip and this shall be later used for matching them with the very first rider who is physically available at the common pick-up location.

Riders can share this pin with the cab driver and then wait for him to input this one-time code into the Uber application for initiating the ride. Riders shall also receive the details pertaining to the vehicle and the driver for additional checks and verification.


Uber launches another feature and this time it is for supporting its driver partners. The recently rolled out Uber’s “On-demand Cash feature” will enable driver partners to withdraw their earnings for the week on a weekly basis as and whenever they prefer.


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