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Twitter is introducing new fleets feature that lets certain tweets disappear after a quick span of 24 hours. Twitter aims to offer ephemeral messages feature with its fleets feature. This feature is tested in multiple countries for the last few months.

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Fleets feature aims at enabling Twitter users to share their momentary thoughts and eliminate the probability of their comments becoming permanent fixtures on a certain Tweet.
Twitter users will find it now more than easier to share what’s running on their minds owing to the roll out of this amazing feature. New Twitter atis will love fleets option as it will enable them to share their momentary thoughts and what’s running on their mind without having to worry of such impulsive thoughts staying forever on the platform.
Fleets feature will help Twitter users feel a lot more comfortable as they can share casual and personal thoughts, feelings, and opinions on Twitter and be assured that these shall disappear from public view after a span of 24 hours.

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A spokesperson from Twitter said that this new fleets feature will enable its users to create similar messages as in tweets and ordinary messages with the option to let them disappear in a day.
Twitter with the introduction of this amazing tool will soon be able to compete with its contemporaries like Snapchat that has originally brought along the concept of disappearing messages into existence and Facebook that has recently rolled out this feature about a month ago.


Twitter comes out with new Fleets feature that will let certain posts disappear after 24 hours at the discretion of the users who have posted them.


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