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Mobile Application Development sector has become one of the centers for business owners. It is revolutionizing the organizations for years and introduces something out-of-the-box every time. However, if you think that you can stick to the old approaches and bring your company to the top, then you are wrong.

Regardless of the business, you are doing, it is important to have an app. By using a mobile app, you can garner the maximum growth for your organization. With the technology advancement, our lives have been changed completely. Therefore, it is recommended to the mobile app development companies to build these applications with the help of the latest technologies. So, let’s get started without any wasting any time.

IoT and Wearable Applications

The IoT (Internet of Things) has come into the frame recently, but already grab the attention of mobile app developers. This technology allows users to regulate the non-IT equipment just by a remote app or control. As a result, the feature has become one of the important aspects of users’ lives and driving the developers to build an app that is IoT friendly. Moreover, according to a survey, it is revealed that IoT investments will touch $120 billion by 2020. With the overall increase in the use of IoT, it can be clearly estimated that most of the mobile applications would be based on this technology.

Also, the smartwatches with other connected wearable are all set to introduce something new in the market. Now, lots of these devices have become independent and can give work without any other gadgets help.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is the popular project by Google with the Twitter association. By using AMP, the web page is changed to a mobile version, which is significantly quicker, as well as responsive. As an option, it is possible to see the web page at the same time while it is loading so that, users’ do not have to wait much. This process is known as lazy loading. Both of these frameworks can be used to speed up the execution of mobile applications when content is syndicated via web.

The Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) enables the developers in diminishing the website page loading duration on the mobiles that impact different perspectives as well. With the considerable AMP score, you will diminish bounce rate, increase better transformation rate, maximum user retention, and a lift up to the clients’ experience.  With upgraded AMP of your webpage, you will have the capacity to enhance perceivability on the web for increasing more activity to your site.

Mobile Wallets

The enhancement of e-commerce, as well as online banking has resulted in several options for users to pay. However, with the arrival of Google Wallet and Apple Pay, users are steadily shifting to m-commerce. Moreover, Blockchain is also powering the apps with more safe and protected money transaction options. Some big industries are also working for the enhancement of pay and scan technique, in order to make the money transactions more convenient. Here, mobile wallets play a crucial role. All the Mobile Application Development Companies in India or across the world are using these encrypted security wallet apps. One of the key reasons for the popularity of mobile wallet trends is that they offer internet payment systems ensuring money’s safety and faster transaction.

Augmented Reality

Another emerging technology, for Android or iOS app development, is Augmented Reality. According to Digi-Capital, AR or VR could hit $150bn by the end of 2020. It seems like the year was reserved for both Apple and Google for putting money on the enhancement. With Google’s ARCore and Apple propelling ARKit capturing the market, you have now two platforms for AR mobile app development. The time is not so far when you will see so many applications based on Augmented Reality.

Numerous organizations are going to be the part of this transformation. In 2018, the Augmented Reality will be the essential initiative to take the mobile app development industry a level up. Some of the popular applications, such as Instagram and Snapchat, are already utilizing AR. You need to always keep in mind that mobile app marketing is as essential as building the application. Hence, without any proper market strategy, you would not be able to capture the attention of the audience.


If I would have written this blog, a few months back, then you must have this question that “what is Blockchain.” However, now almost everyone knows about this technology. The transparency Blockchain brings to each business is what makes it stand out from the rest. From schools, government, healthcare, manufacturing sectors, it has the power to change every business if they choose the right Top Rated Mobile App Development Company. It is shared and immutable record of the blocks that consists of transactions. These transactions can be of any type, such as money, information, document, etc. The fact that it is not possible to modify them makes it a reliable technology.

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Cloud-Based Applications

You must have thought to give your mobile apps a unique place in the market. If yes, iPhone app development or every company, for that matter, make sure that they are opting for cloud-based services.

Out of the numerous advantages, this technology shares a portion of the standard systems that incorporate streamlined activities, decrease in hosting and hardware costs, no restrictions related to space, etc.  Keeping in mind the end goal to make your application work flawlessly over different stages, adjustment to Cloud advancements is an unquestionable requirement. The cloud computing combination encourages the mobile applications to store a lot of information effortlessly. The vast majority of the versatile applications with a greater database are utilizing the AWS (Amazon Web Service) as their distributed computing reinforcement. This likewise helps in expanding the dependability, speed, preparing force and security of the applications and empowers it to manage a lot of information.


Apart from the above-mentioned trend in Mobile Application Development sector, there are many more, such as the Bots, Android instant apps, etc. Therefore, implementing every technology in your business is what you need to focus on. However, make sure that you comprehend your business requirements before deploying any of them in your business.

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