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The must-have features of a successful mobile app are ever-evolving. The most excellent manner to stay ahead in the marketplace is to keep upgrading with the latest demands of the buyer and the market. You are probably reading this write-up because you are trying to find out the key Features of a successful travel app.

As we know that the demand for mobile apps for Android and iOS platforms is increasing day by day. Today, mobile phone users spend a sufficient amount of time researching and planning their next holiday travel destinations. In fact, the rate of mobile bookings in the travel industry has grown up between 2011 & 2015, thus increasing online revenues by up to 18 percent. Furthermore, it is also predictable that 31 percent of consumers will search for their next holiday trip from a mobile app.

If you are planning to develop a travel app for your business website that would help your business to get noticed, liked and engaged with the smartphone users, then here you can check out some of the most striking features below to make sure you are building an appealing app that doesn’t fall in any aspect. This blog showcase 10 top must-have features that would be helpful particularly for the businesses who want their first mobile application to get develop for their startup travel business.

10 Exclusive Features Your Travel App Development Needs

10 Exclusive Features Your Travel App Development

Social Media Sign up and Sharing

A travel mobile app is a personal tool for every person; therefore it is important to have a personal account for any type of travel app development. And it is important to think about it, by adding a sign-up feature you can also collect more information about your customers during the registration process, which could help you in future time to know their interests and retain them. If you want to retain your customer then adding the social media login not only speeds up the registration time, but an integration of this feature will also give you details to their social profiles which can further help to build tailored deals for your mobile app user. Moreover, the majority of travelers share their traveling experience with their friends via social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. That means Social Media Sign up and Sharing will also work as a free promotion of your travel mobile app.

Geolocation and Navigation Services

Geolocation and navigation services are the features that tourists or travelers are always looking for in a travel app. This feature helps them to find the nearby hotels, or coffee shops, local attractions, after dropping at a certain location. Integrating GPS and navigation based service in travel app development not only helps a traveler to track location but also helps them to find appropriate nearby locations for all kinds of needs while on a trip without any trouble.

Booking Services

The best travel apps provide you with hotel and Flight booking services that make the traveling experience more user-friendly. Integrating an inbuilt hotel and flight booking feature with a loyalty program in it boost your marketing strategy. Your customers can book their hotel and flight tickets with few taps in your app. Besides, in a partnership with an airline company and hotel, you may provide your customers with some special deals or discounts. This strategy will boost up your market value in the early days. That will surely encourage other people to switch to your travel app.

Ratings and Reviews

While your travel app should provide the entire key features and information, but what the users will believe is the reviews and ratings from other app users. This feature helps in creating awareness in the customers to better understand the services of flights, hotels, cafes, and other services provided by the travel application.
The main part that makes a travel app to gain fan following is that of its review and testimonials system. Therefore, in your travel mobile app, ratings and review section is important so that travelers should be able to review a place and share their experiences with other travelers while using your application.

Payment Integration

This is one of the most important features that you cannot avoid in your app. Secured payment access is a must for travelers to make payment for services they use while traveling. When you are adding this payment feature in your travel mobile application, it helps your users to check the cost of tickets and hotel rooms and find the best-discounted deals to make their traveling more cost-efficient yet enjoyable.

Deals and Offers

One of the influential tools of conversion arsenal is to offer discount deals and coupons in your application. Developing a travel app with this feature allows your business to boost the customer retention rate and conversion ratio of the customer base. It would be great to permit your users to create an account so that users can create their profiles and save their deals to use them later.

Weather Forecasting

There are a lot of apps related to weather forecasting like AccuWeather, Weather Wiz available for users to check the weather before booking for their trip. To retain your users, integrate real-time weather forecast feature in your mobile app development for travel to provide complete details related to climate to the traveler. This feature helps users to know about the wind speed, cloud formation patterns, rain, humidity, and much more before planning a trip.

Language Translator

One of the most significant features of the Successful Travel App is a language translator. This feature is not available in all the travel apps; however, having a language Translator feature makes the traveling experience of the user more comfortable in a new location. Google Translate is the app that lets travelers scan texts and then translate them in real-time. If you want to make your travel app stand out from others in the marketplace, you must integrate this feature into your travel application. Moreover, you can also connect with a leading mobile app development company that offers you travel app development services at affordable rates that suits your business demands.

Offline Access

This feature is the major player in retaining your customers. Provide both online and offline access to make your travel app more handy for users. Offline access is considered as one of the most useful aspects of any application, as it works in places without an internet connection is not working properly. This feature effortlessly enhances the mobile app success rate.

Create Wish Lists to Save Holiday Details

It is important to integrate this feature in your travel app because your competitors are doing it too. If you want to include the major features of a good travel app then this very significant since Wish Lists option also gives you a grip on key mobile app features your customers want.
Several travelers look through holiday destinations in their free time and want to save the plan for their future trips. This feature in the travel app helps app users to save holiday details or places they like to visit in the future. ‘WISH LIST’ option in your travel app, make the trip planning hassle-free for the travelers and thus more users would like to browse and use your travel app.

How Much Does it Cost a Travel App in 2019?

Well, the answer to this question is simple; the travel app development cost depends on the complexity, features, platforms, technologies, and on many other factors and functionalities you want to integrate into your app. If you want exact travel app development cost, then you can contact our iOS app development company team. We, at Fluper, are providing a 30-minutes free consultation service to discuss your business project requirements. Feel free to contact us today.


It is important to assemble all vital key features of a thriving mobile app that assures the higher success rate of the travel mobile app. With this blog you are all set to integrate the top 10 mobile app features your customers want in a great successful travel app. Furthermore, if you are looking to have a perfect travel app, you need to have the right set of people to get your app developed. Contact us. We at Fluper, design, develop, test and deliver the world-class travel mobile applications for Android and iOS platforms.

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