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If you keep exploring some dazzling platforms for investments, NFT is the latest buzzword that you must peep in. Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are currently taking the digital art and collectibles to a whole new height. Just like Bitcoin is a digital form of currency, NFTs are also pitched as digital form of collectibles. An NFT is a Blockchain-based digital asset in form of an authentic certificate that represents internet collectibles including art, music, and games. The best part of investing in NFTs is that it can’t be forged or manipulated and you can exchange it in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin on certain specialized marketplaces. Now, the question that arises before most investors is which marketplace to chose for investing in NFTs. The prime purpose of this blog is to help you get acquainted with some trusted NFT marketplaces in 2022 where you can trade your digital collectibles and get maximum returns. So, let’s stat.



This is one of the most reliable and an established NFT marketplace that has a huge impact on Crypto ecosystem. The platform offers straightforward stamping and trading experience for diverse range of NFTs. Its user-friendly interface is a major reason why most NFT investors prefer to trade on this marketplace. It works o Ethereum Blockchain technology and demands using its own token called RARI token.

Rarible has also collaborated with some significant brands that have already sent off their NFTs in this marketplace.  You will find various industry leaders attached to it including Taco Bell and Adobe. Till now, Rarible has valued the funding of more than $14 million.

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Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity

A name that is widely popular and trusted among NFT investors from gaming industry. This gaming-specific NFT marketplace is specifically developed for gamers who have valuable collectibles pertaining to sports. Using this platform, gamers can create, store, and sell, gaming equipment, characters, and a lot more things. This NFT marketplace is a perfect choice for investors who have something in special from the gaming industry and they can easily trade for their rare collectibles through this efficient NFT marketplace.

Axie Infinity attracts gamers and crypto fans from all across the globe with the help of its cutting-edge resources. At present, the platform holds a market capital of $2.82 billion. It’s a perfect platform for investors to communicate with each other and create new NFTs and compete among them to earn tokens through NFT trading.

Open Sea

Open Sea

Putting this FT marketplace on third position simply doesn’t indicates the hierarchy. Open Sea is one of the top-preferred NFT marketplaces in 2022 that offers comprehensive interface to get acquainted with the NFT trading basics and exchanging experience based on Ethereum Blockchain concepts. If you are looking for the most secured and safe marketplace to trade NFTs, Open Sea has no close competitors. The platform offers exceptional collection of artifacts that you may find yourself interested in. The co-founders of Open Sea are the first Billionaires in early 2022 and the platform has successfully crossed the milestone of 80 million NFTs till now.

It accepts more than 150 different payment tokens that is much beneficial for those who want to stamp their own NFTs. Open Sea leads the NFT marketplaces with its trading volume and artifacts collection. It can be a overwhelming experience for any investor while exploring a large pool of NFTs on Open Sea.


It’s a decentralized virtual reality platform to trade NFTs where you can buy and sell Land, estates, Avatar wearables. The platform is known well for stocking digital goods and paraphernalia backed by Ethereum Blockchain. It offers you a whole new experience of NFT trading with its much simple and straightforward interface. Decentraland perfectly fills the gap between virtual and real world and also lets users to trade almost every digital artifact including real estate properties, gaming equipment, and various other resources that one can buy and sell in real life. The platform currently has a market capital of $ 4.12 billion and is growing continuously to be a major player in metaverse and revolutionizing digital artifact.

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SuperRare offers the simplest and most convenient interface among all NFT marketplaces 2022. It can be perfectly referred as the Instagram of NFT marketplaces because of its ease-to-access. Digital artifact creators and buyers can communicate with each other on this exceptional NFT marketplace that is also based on Ethereum Blockchain. Users can easily trade their digital assets through ETH with a 3% charge on their trading value to SuperRare. The platform has recently listed a market capital of $ 43 million and its popularity among worldwide investors is increasing at an unprecedented rate.


Apart from being one of the most popular and trusted NFT marketplaces in 2022, BakerySwap is also one of the first automated market maker plus NFT trading on the Binance Smart Chain. You can trade using its own token called BAKE that was launched in September 2020. Earning BAKE token on this platform depends on your liquidity and BAKE holders can use their earned tokens to vote and acquire transaction fee dividends. The token is presented in liquidity pools including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Polkadot, Chinlink, Binanc USD, and BAKE versus Binance coin. At present, the platform has a market capital of $ 98 million and is growing constantly along with its popularity.


Another amazing NFT marketplace that primarily aims to develop another innovative economy where designers can use Ethereum Blockchain to highlight their work in an all-new way and get maximum support by investors to trade for them. Creators can store their digital artifacts and showcase them for selling where buyers can bid on them with the help of Ethereum coins. The NFT marketplace development company has developed this platform astutely catering to all NFT trading requirements through ETH. However, it’s a new entry in the NFT trading marketplace but its popularity and craze is increasing rapidly among worldwide investors.


NFT marketplaces in 2022 are paving way for innovation in digital assets trading along with shaping the future of virtual trading. We recommend gaining more insights into NFT trading before you choose to trade on any of these NFT marketplaces.

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