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Singaporeans are very particular when it comes to use technology to explore easiest options for leading a smooth life. The world of mobile apps hasbecome quite extensive where you can explore millions of smart mobile apps on both Google and Apple stores. However, there are some low-quality performance apps too that may not yield desired results and downloading them will definitely prove to be wastage of your data pack.

We have thoroughly selected some best popular apps in Singapore 2022 from different categories and evaluated them on various parameters to ensure that you get maximum satisfaction from them. From Dating apps to food delivery, and from retail to travel, we have considered each aspect of modern-day lifestyle. These apps will offer immense functionalities along with some exciting set of features that will certainly keep you amazed whether in ordering online food or hiring an instant cab. Let’s have a look on these top-notch mobile apps that entire world has rejoiced because of their innovative approach towards offering exceptional user experience and satisfaction.

Netflix-Entertainment& Movies App

Netflix-Entertainment & Movies App

For more than 180 million people across the globe, the world is nothing without Netflix. Yes, this is what Netflix subscribers report after using this exceptional and amazing entertainment app that opens the world of webseries, latest movies, and most popular TV shows. There are different subscription plans that you can purchase as per your requirement. The app offers USD 5.99 per month plan for a single device and USD 8.99 per month for two devices. You can also choose its premium tier plan for USD 11.99 per month to watch your favorite movies and shows on four different devices at once. The best part of the app is that you can choose between four levels of maturity from little kids to all. Add your favorite TV shows to “Favorites” list and watch them offline anytime anywhere. Rate your experience and the app will offer more personalized features based on them.

UberEats-Food Delivery App

UberEats-Food Delivery App

This is an internationally acclaimed food delivery app that has more than 66 million users across the globe and it dominates almost 30% of the global food delivery market. This is surely among the top apps in Singapore 2022 that you can have on your phone to order online food. Both Android and iOS users can download this exceptional food delivery app for free and order their favorite food from their favorite local and international restaurant chains. UberEats has the front row seat in innovation and it offers some top-notch features and functionalities to order food. You can easily pre-book an order an hour before or even a week before. Order anything (in food) from anywhere and it will reach your doorstep within one to two hours. Select among the multiple payment options and get notified on latest deals and discounts on restaurants or on any special item. Get complete information about the restaurant and the food item that you want to order through this amazing app.

Amazon-E-commerce & Lifestyle shopping App

Amazon-E-commerce & Lifestyle shopping App

Amazon is the most popular shopping app in world with more than 200 million subscribers in world. The mobile app development company has incorporated several exciting features to make online shopping easier and flexible. You can use search filters to streamline your search and get the desired item. The best part of this wonderful shopping app is that you can schedule a delivery as per your busy schedule and it will reach your doorstep as and when you want. Get exciting Amazon credits with no-rush shipping and select among multiple payment options to make an online payment either through debit or credit card. Get notified on latest deals and exciting offers from different stores and save money. The app makes perfect use of your phone’s camera to help you get the best product. There are various exciting features that you will come across when you start using this amazing app.

FiiT-Fitness &Workout App

FIIt Fitness Workout App

FiiT is one of the most rejoiced fitness & workout apps in world. There different categories in fitness app development among which some are known for their tracking features and some for their fresh and unique content, FiiT does both for you. The app allows you to choose among 700 workouts and 20 plus training programs that will help you to stay fit and healthy. The app has something for almost everyone. If you are a data & tracking lover, you can simply sync your wearable device with the app and get alerts on calorie intake, calories burnt, heartrate, and that everything that your wearable device offers. FiiT Club allows you to compete with your friends, family members, and even strangers to gauge your physical activities performance. Its amazing Studio Class offers the best motivation that you may be looking forward to continue you’re your stringent fitness regime.

End Note

We hope that all these above-mentioned apps will bring transformational changes in your life in approaching different things online. All apps have been acclaimed by worldwide users and you can check their reviews and ratings to get confirmed.

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