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In the changing scenarios, where the world is going digital, modern-day kids have also become tech-savvy. They are more driven towards using an Android or iPhone for every purpose. In short, they are getting digitally smarter day by day. The education world in present times is at the fingertips of the students and even toddlers. It eliminates the possible prospect of visiting a library and spending hours to find the study material. Students and preschoolers kids are moving towards the trend of education mobile apps to gain knowledge in their respective subjects.contact App Development company The mobile app development world comes up with education apps designed for kids with easy navigation and understandable content. Every smartphone application for studies or education comes with a unique feature that provides its particular set of services. Learning is an unremitting process when it comes to the knowledge of students, and the focus is witnessing a paradigm shift to eLearning. Due to the increasing use of smartphones phones and the different feature-oriented smartphone applications, students can conveniently study at their pace and take their time to understand things, as every information is just a click away. Some of the spectacular features of education mobile apps are:

  1. Advanced learning modules
  2. Enhanced indulgence of parents or guardians with teachers
  3. 24*7 availability
  4. eBooks and study material
  5. Progress tracking function

Apart from this, there are certainly other benefits of education apps in the domain of android app development. These apps are helpful for both the students as well as the school management. Students, parents, or teachers can refer to the list of some of the best education mobile apps.



RefME is one of the most popular education apps in the world of mobile app development. It works as an accurate and reliable multi-platform information method for managing citations, reference lists, and bibliographies for students or teachers in more than 7,500 citation styles. It also enables users to create citations by scanning academic book barcodes and sync them with RefME.com and generate a quote formatted in MLA or other formats.


English Grammar Book

It is another useful and practical app for students and other people who want to learn and improve their grammar skills. The app is available for free on Google Play Store. One can get accurate and complete information about Verbs, Tenses, Voices, and Punctuations and other essential concepts of English grammar. Students can quickly improve and enhance their reading and writing skills with the help of this app that is popular among the best education mobile apps.



StudyBlue app has an eminent name in the domain of flashcard app for all iOS devices and Android and Kindle devices. The app enables students to learn via virtual flashcards on their phone or tablet. Students can have steady admittance to their learning needs with the help of this app. Students can quickly develop eBooks or study materials, generate electronic flashcards to study and share with their friends, and practice quizzes. In android app development, the app is accessible for creating informative flash cards. 



It is one of the best education mobile apps for kids in 2020. The app comes with an e-book library that has a collection of more than 35,000 kids learning books. Many kids love accessing this app as it offers them easily searchable categories and user-friendly interface and navigation buttons. It also comes to kids’ rescue when they find it hard to find free books online. The app allows users to download books online conveniently.



With the GoConqr app, students or kids can effectively access immense learning resources such as mind maps, Flashcards, learning Quizzes, educational Slides, and Notes. The app is also useful to allow students social learning and interact and collaborate with friends, classmates, and teachers in Groups. It is gaining massive popularity in the android app development world.


Spell Tower 

This app is an all-time favorite app of kids, especially when it comes to word game apps. The app has five different modes to offer for kids of different ages. Kids can build and strengthen their minds from the beginner’s level and can move to the next steps according to their learning skills and abilities. It helps your kid to stay busy in exploring different informative word-play ideas. The app design is magnificent and extremely helpful for the mental growth and development of students and children. The mobile app development world keeps on coming with new advancements in such apps to help students learn and enjoy studying.

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Math Light

Math Lite is another useful and efficient App for preschoolers. Students, during pre-schooling, can gain enhanced knowledge and skills that help them build a stable career. The most appealing feature of this app is the visuals and learning methods offered by the app. Math Lite is the best education mobile app for students because of its smart animations and dramatic colors in the interface. You can enjoy the free and paid ad versions by downloading it from Google Play Store. These are some of the reasons why this app is among the best education mobile apps.


Chemistry Helper 

Chemistry is a subject of in-depth knowledge and information that a student cannot understand without proper learning skills. Chemistry Helper app is among the best education mobile apps that help students in learning the Chemistry topics from basics. The app contains a periodic table and informative online blogs about the thorough concepts of chemistry. Students can even make the best use of an inbuilt calculator to learn topics related to compound mass, molecular mass, and perform other calculations as well. You can easily download the app from Google Play Store.


It is the 21st century. While parents and teachers are becoming smart, their kids are becoming more intelligent with each passing day. The advent of education mobile apps is helping many students, kids, and parents in assisting them in learning and growing. New trends and advancements take place in the android app development world due to which students are witnessing a drastic change in the education sector. The rapid and trouble-free accessibility of the internet is making it possible to reach out to every student to help them gain useful information.

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