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DevOps is a perfect blend of two different departments; development & Operations. This allows an Android app development company to deliver software applications more rapidly and with greater degree of accuracy. The fast-paced corporate world doesn’t permit much time to wait for things to fall in line. Rather, you have to adopt a proactive approach to troubleshoot things then and there. DevOps is such an approach that facilitates mobile app development companies to fix all bugs in an application, ensure its reliability, security scalability, and performance to deliver maximum satisfaction to the client. The impact of DevOps technology has been growing at an unprecedented rate that directly offers much scope for DevOps engineers to exhibit their expertise and innovation to meet several business-related challenges around the world. In this blog, we will discuss some crucial DevOps engineer skills that you must acquire to remain in demand.

Knowledge of Linux

Knowledge of Linux

To ensure successful career as a DevOps software engineer, you must have sound knowledge of Linux. Most ap development agencies across the globe use Linux-based operating system as their primary development environment. Linux offers immense customization features and functionalities for developers to modify it according to their project-specific requirements. Linux is widely popular because of its high security features and scalability that it offers to DevOps team. Getting acquainted to some Linux distributions including RHEL, CentOS, SUSE Linux will give you an extra edge over your expertise as these distributions offer great support for integration, critical performance operations, compatibility, and security. Hence, having sound knowledge of Linux is one of the most required skills for DevOps engineers.

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Foolproof Testing Skills

Foolproof Testing Skills

As DevOps is best known for its swifter project delivery it becomes much imperative for DevOps engineers to ensure bug-free app for their clients. Having thorough testing skills will certainly keep you in great demand as a DevOps engineer. You need to understand that testing is not just restricted to verifying features and functionality of an application but performance, constant monitoring, and smooth operations are also included in it. You need to know each detail regarding testing an app on automated development environment to ensure hassle-free app performance of the app.



This refers to constant integration and constant delivery which is also a critical aspect of DevOps methodology. Having great proficiency in CI/CD is another one of the most demanded DevOps skills that is in great demand by the mobile app development companies. It facilitates a team to deliver swift results with unmatched accuracy on performance and integration. The continuous delivery assures picture-perfect codes ready to be deployed with minimal manual intervention.

Software Security

As DevOps assures swift project deliveries, it becomes much imperative to cross-check software security issues and all the possible bugs in an app. Hence, it’s one of the much-required skills for DevOps engineers to write clear and comprehensive codesto protect an application fromunwanted attacks. Apart from it, a DevOps engineer must also ensure active monitoring of defense mechanisms to protect an app from various vulnerabilities that can affect its performance.

Automation Skills

Automation is the most basic specialty of DevOps methodology for which it is widely preferred among all types of businesses to get swift and bug-free apps delivered to them. Automation is something that applies to all crucial aspects of app development via DevOps methodology. From CI/CD to continuous testing, configurations, performance monitoring etc. automation plays a crucial role everywhere. Moreover, to promote and facilitate swifter project deliveries, repetitive manual processes have to be eliminated and adopting automation at each stage ensures speed and accuracy with minimal human interference. Hence, automation remains one of the most required DevOps engineer skills in today’s date.

Coding & Scripting

Writing clear and precise codes is a fundamental requirement for any developer. A DevOps engineer must have good command over some programming languages like Python, Golang, Ruby, JavaScript, Perl, Java, Bash, and PHP. T implement automation at its best, a DevOps engineer must have good knowledge of all these languages as these support automation to a great extent.

Knowledge of Tools & Technologies

The more tools you master as DevOps engineer, the better you can exhibit your expertise over a specific task in entire app development lifecycle. These DevOps skills will make you a perfect fit for any type of project whether big or small. There are ample DevOps tools like monitoring tools, testing tools, orchestration tools, version control tools, automation tools, tools for collaboration, package managers and many more. Hence, the more you explore these tools and get good grip over them, the better chances you will get to showcase your capabilities with sheer deftness.


Learning all these DevOps skills will develop much confidence in you as a software developer where you can find solutions to some most challenging situations during any complex project.

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