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Mobile apps are becoming a fundamental element for almost all businesses. It has reached to that extent that without mobile apps, the possibility of accomplishment for any business is not possible. This escalating demand for mobile applications has also resulted in huge demand for a variety of Ionic App Development Companies.

Ionic is a completely open-source mobile application development framework used to build up hybrid mobile applications. The web page technologies used in this process are CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. Ionic Applications have a native touch that makes User interface layouts and design elements more attractive.

At present, various countries welcome the most modern technologies innovations, and UAE stands in the former row. As the demand for apps is on raise, the need for mobile applications is becoming more demanding for the top-notch performance and implementation of the business in the marketplace. For developing a mobile app, it is significant to hire a mobile application development company, but the main question which company to choose. Here is the answer to that.

Following is the List of Top 10 Ionic App Development Companies:

Top 10 Ionic App Development Companies in UAE Infographics

FuGenX Technologies

FuGenX Technologies is one of the world’s leading Mobile app development companies in the UAE. The company provides the best technical support for data science, artificial intelligence, automation, machine learning, game development, and game designing. The artificial intelligence services and solutions help you achieve high-accuracy AI capabilities. The mobile app developers at the company build scalable and cost-effective digital products and solutions that minimize manual work and infrastructure cost to a huge extent.

FuGenX Technologies is well known for meeting all the requirements of the clients, covering risks and opportunities. This top-quality performance of this company has made it win several awards for leading product launches in the digital sector.
With more than 750+ mobile apps and 100+, IT projects the company is recognized as a game-changer in the IT landscape. The highly proficient team of mobile app designers and developers are committed to delivering the best mobile apps on a variety of platforms like iOS, Android, Windows, and other popular platforms.


Fluper is an award-winning Ionic Application Development Company. Fluper makes time savvy and high performing Ionic application answers for startup ventures, and other leading businesses through Enterprise Mobile Application Development. The company is equipped with great infrastructure and perfect technology support together to meet the requirements of the partners. They serve for Web design, Branding, mobile app development, Web app development.

The only goal of the company is to make the clients and customers contented with valuable products and services. The Ionic mobile arrangements offered by the company are skillfully mixed with AngularJS, HTML5, CSS, and Saas to make your mobile application unique from others. The Ionic application development approach and process followed by the company is remarkably thriving and straightforward that convey application arrangements to keep running over different stages. With more than 300 projects delivered globally, it has become the #1 Mobo Agency.

Hyperlink InfoSystem:

Hyperlink InfoSystem being a leading mobile app development company develops higher quality ionic applications. The company offers custom-made solutions based on the requirements of the clients and the products are delivered with high quality at affordable rates. With a team of highly skilled Ionic App Developers and mobile app designers who have the potential to develop apps with unique user engagement and faster time to marketplace. The company has a team of experts who are passionate about the work and put their efforts to reach achievement as well as to accomplish the objectives irrespective of the surroundings and circumstances. Apart from Ionic mobile app development, they have skilled developers in an AR/VR development, web app, game development and much more. They have successfully delivered more than 2500 mobile apps worldwide.

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Apphitect is a mobile app development company. The company has a record of making several successful apps in app stores. This company is known to build up various unique apps that help businesses to have the finest coding measures. This is an ideal company that can give perfect form to the business requirements of the client. They are specialized in a variety of AR-based applications for retail and advertising industries. They mainly work on iOS and Android operating systems. They are well-known for Mobile app development, Ecommerce development, and Mobile app marketing. With more than 8 years of experience in the industry, the company developer builds unique mobile applications and provides the best in class customization services in the UAE and across the globe.


Intellectsoft is well-known software Development Company with more than 10 years of experience in enterprise software development. The company has a team of experienced and skilled developers, testers, and designers. It develops both web apps and mobile apps according to the needs of the clients. They meet the standard business demands of rising startups and efficiently establishing businesses. The company has got the record of serving about 300+ clients since its start from 2007. Intellectsoft mainly works on iOS and Android, CMS development, Ecommerce development, Mobile app development, and custom software development.

Matrix Solutions LLC

Matrix solutions LLC being a leading ionic app development company in UAE they continuously endeavor to provide world-class enterprise services and solutions to their customer’s by funding in novel technologies; they know all the strategies to upgrade their business performance capabilities according to the market needs. They strongly believe that the primary goal that technologies give is that of making processes and enterprises efficient, easier, and updated. It is a trustworthy technology partner for diverse brands ranging from large government sectors to banks, private companies, universities, media houses, social organizations, startups, and individuals.


Mautilus is known to develop mobile apps for various OS and Devices. This company is serving various clients all over the globe and serves best in satisfying all the client requirements. Various programmers who are working in this company are committed to delivering the best services to the client. It is also making a view on IoT, SmartHome, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. Mautilus is known to develop mobile apps for various OS and Devices. This company is serving various clients all over the globe and serves best in satisfying all the client requirements. Various programmers who are working in this company are committed to delivering the best services to the client. The company is also making a view on IoT, SmartHome, Virtual Reality and AR technologies. It serves for Ecommerce Development, Apple Watch app development, Mobile app development, UI/UX designs. It develops apps on both iOS and Android.

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IChanical is one of the well-known app development companies in Dubai. The company is renowned for the development of mobile apps that fit perfectly to the various business requirements of the clients all over the globe. They help your business flourish by providing unique solutions that competently suit your business. Moreover, the best part about this company is that they can build apps in any native or web-based platform, etc as per the client conditions. They have a team of knowledgeable and accomplished developers working on creating exceptional and innovative applications for their clients. They know all the strategies to work on mobile platforms like Android, iOS, and Hybrid.

Moov Technology Solutions:

The company works together with its clients to create high-quality apps. They use an extraordinary work approach to produce work that clients love. They have a set of questions particularly intended to collect the right information. The information collected from clients helps them to efficiently generate a brief about the requirements of the client. They know this strategy can be a key part of their company’s accomplishment and that if they attain that status, then their clients will be working with them for a long time.


Softlets is a Best Ionic App Development company in Dubai. The company was founded with a motive to deliver the best technology apps to the clients at cost-effective rates. They know all the ways to support your core business values through dedicated collaboration and commit to your accomplishments. Their team is very well known and completely dedicated to delivering the best results probable.


Besides all these big names mentioned in this write up that goes behind the development of apps and games, several companies are budding as leaders in the app development area. The above listed top 10 Ionic app development companies in UAE earn these positions due to their effective services and good client feedbacks.
If you desire to get an Android or iPhone App developed for your business goals then you can connect with us today.

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