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Does Brain Improving Android Apps Really Work?

Almost everyone is under tremendous pressure, in this busy lifestyle. This pressure is the main reason why people are suffering from plenty of diseases, internally and externally both. If you want to improve your brain, you need to make some efforts on your body, in other words, you need to do exercise or yoga. But not everyone can hire a personal trainer, for that reason many Android App Developers have made incredible android apps. These apps have the ability to improve your brain as well as productivity. But, still, to finding out the best apps could be a tricky thing for anyone. But you don’t need to be worried about it. Just have a look in this blog…

As you know, there are numbers of apps that can keep your brain young, improve your memory, stay focused at work, and reduce stress. Don’t know which one is the best? It’s ok, in this blog; I have shared Top 10 Android Apps to Boost Your Brain and Improve Productivity. So, read it consciously.

Know About How Android Apps to boost your brain with Graphical representation


This is the most comprehensive, professional brain app provided on the market of Android Apps Development Services. It is well designed in collaboration with education experts using proven educational techniques. In this, you will find more than 40 brain games which can improve memory, processing speed, comprehension, speaking skills, attention, and other mental capacities. I think this is a great way of developing professional skills! This app can keep your brain limber through games that allegedly improve productivity, self-confidence, and earning power! As like other apps, this app does want to log in regularly. Anyone who has to calculate, speak, or write in some capacity at work can benefit from this game.

Number of downloads: 5.000.000+ downloads

Peak and Seek

Peak and Seek is also one of the best Brain Improving Android App. Peak and Seek app is a very close second, comparable to Elevate on a lot of fronts. This app has been created to address visual discrimination skills in children. With innovative and careful graphical design and varied tasks, it meets its goals. This app is specially designed to promote visual discrimination skills in young and special needs children”. The challenges that come during playing game challenges with a pinpoint focus are not covered in many other apps. The Peak and seek focus on specific cognitive skills such as mental agility, communication skills, problem-solving, focus, and coordination.

Number of downloads: 10.000.000+ downloads


This app consists of games that focus on boosting the user’s memory, attention span, thinking, and problem-solving capability. This app is split into a session of 3 games, and in each session, they challenge the brain by changing every time. In this, the user has to complete the games while playing against a clock.  The main objectives of this game are to improve your memory, the flexibility of thinking, processing speed, attention, and improve problem-solving skills. According to the developer of this game, “one session a day can improve the mental skills of users”. Not just this, in this game, users can track progress and compare performance with others.

Number of downloads: 10.000.000+ downloads


As everybody knows, our brain is the most vital and sensitive part of our body. To keep your brain healthy you need to attain a healthy lifestyle. But if someone is suffering from disease and he is not able to go to the doctor, then Lybrate app is there to assist them. With the help of this app, you can ask your health-related query; receive health tips from the doctors, and many more things. It is one of the best Brain Improving Android Apps because it teaches you how to be healthy by their health tips. Not just this, with the help of this app, you can connect with Ayurveda, Cardiologist, Dermatologist, Dentist, Physiotherapist, and many others.

Number of downloads: 5.000.000+ downloads

Clockwork Brain

This is another Android Apps to Improve Your Brain, which is most beautifully designed.  This app is widely used to train your cognitive functions. Through 17 gorgeous mini-games, attention, language, reasoning, dexterity, and memory are some cognitive functions that are being tested here. With your daily boost, you will get a daily program and statistics on how you are doing. Another cool adage to the game is the Petbots like Oopsie- the monkey, snoozy- the sloth or Cap’n Flex- the octopus. Each Petbots have different powers to assist you and can be supercharged by Crystals you collect along the way.

Number of downloads: 2.000.000+ downloads


Smart is another Productivity Android Apps, which can boost your cognitive functions. It focuses on attention, reaction, intellectual flexibility, concentration, and memory. This game works as the candy-crush like path with more than 600 levels! So, don’t worry, you won’t get bored in anyhow. There are 28 mini brain games, all talking about a minute a pop, spread over all levels, ranging in difficulty, training your reasoning skills and IQ. A must try for puzzle enthusiasts. There is not a real pro version since all games and access to them is free! The only in-app purchases available are about removing ads, no functions that limit gameplay.

Number of downloads: 1.000.000+ downloads


Yellow is another brilliant Concentration Android Apps, which has only one goal per level. In this game, you just need to make your entire screen yellow, by solving puzzles. Initially, you won’t get any information on the first level of the game. But as you completed the first level, you will get 2 hints per level to give you a nudge in the right direction. Basically, in this game, you just need to solve a variety of logic and problem-solving puzzles by dragging shapes, erase a number, pulling levers, pushing buttons, making a sunrise, and way more. This game makes you feel a little bit smarter when you solve it by yourself!

Number of downloads: 1.000.000+ downloads

I love Hue

In this game, you need to arrange mosaics of colored tiles into perfectly ordered spectrums. Which sounds pretty easy, but in reality, it is not! Some colors seem like different colors when they are paired with different color pallets. However, the difference in hue is inconceivable and you only get a few fixed squares as reference points for where the colors should go.  Actually, there is no fancy brain tracking functions or daily training programs. But after every level, you see how it is beneficial for Brain improving android apps development. In this game, there is no time limit, so you can take your time planning moves if you like.

Number of downloads: 1.000.000+ downloads


This is another game app developed by Android App Development industries. This game, focus completely on your emotional intelligence. On the surface, it really isn’t an app for people who can’t stand words like mindfulness or guided meditation. However, these people might actually benefit the most from these mini-games!  Happify goals to reinforce happiness skills, such as thankfulness, empathy, giving and serenity, through mini-games, quizzes, guided meditation, and more. Free users get access to a series of guided tracks that help you deal with particular objectives, such as coping with stress, anxiety or self-confidence. Subscribers gain access to more activities, additional guided meditations, and other features.

Number of downloads: 1.000.000+ downloads

Fir Brains Trainer

This is a mLearning Android Apps. Basically, it tests your cognitive functions. The cognitive functions are divided into 6 main brain functions; thinking speed, concentration, visual-spatial, memory, concentration, language, and problem-solving. As I said earlier, it tests your emotional intelligence, which includes the ability to handle interpersonal relationships in an empathetic way, self-awareness, and social skills.  This app gives you a more comprehensive picture of your brain since your IQ can be through the roof. But it’s possible you still don’t really know how to relate what’s in your head to other people. So, with the help of this, you get intelligence and emotional profile for a complete picture of your brain.

Number of downloads: 1.000.000+ downloads

Memorado Brain Training Games

This is another Android App to Improve Your Brain. With the help of this app, you can learn how to improve all types of cognitive skills with brain training exercise designed by brain training experts. In other words, you can say it is your workout gym for the brain. This apps gives you brain training games to challenge your cognitive control and working memory. According to the scientific research games help you to grow and connect with cognitive functions, so that learn how to improve your intelligence. This app compiles brain tests and games that improve your IQ and give you an enjoyable place to grow your brain and increase mindfulness.

Number of downloads: 1.000.000+ downloads


As you know, whatever we do, our brain tells us to do. So, without the brain we are nothing. Reality is that we learn a number of things on a daily basis. But if your brain is not healthy you can’t keep all the things in your mind. But, there is no simple solution to keep your brain young, but Android App Development Company has made many apps whose’ aim is to boost your mental well-being. Fluper is one of those companies, which creates the Brain Improving Android Apps. So want to build your own mLearning android apps, so why wait? Connect with us!Disclaimer

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