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Popular video sharing mobile app, Tiktok has rolled out a new feature that will let parents control the privacy of their teens’ Tiktok account. This new privacy feature will give parents the liberty to decide what their teens’ can see and even restrict their comments section on the content they upload.

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Guardians can also use this new feature to decide and control who can visit their kids’ Tiktok account and view the content that they have liked. Parents can also restrict their teens’ from viewing and searching for users, sounds, videos, or hashtags.

These privacy features introduced by Tiktok are a part of its “Family Pairing Option”. Family Pairing enables the parents to get their kids Tiktok account linked to themselves only when the latter approves of their interference. Very recently Tiktok even introduced “Restricted Mode” that supposedly hides inappropriate videos for young children and teenagers.

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Using this privacy feature, parents can easily connect their account with their teens’ Tiktok accounts and then add a limit on it with respect to the type of content, account and content views, comment section, total watch time, and whatnot. The consent and approval of a kid is mandatory for successfully linking parents Tiktok account to the former’s account. Kids can enable and disable this privacy feature as and whenever they feel like and the notification about the same shall be sent to the parents too.

Conclusion: Tiktok introduces new privacy features for parents to control their kids account. Parents can control their activities on the app and can successfully restrict the use of certain sounds, hashtags, content, and users.

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