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Countries have begun to ease lockdown measures to revive their economies. International borders are now open, enabling tourism and business to resume. However, is it safe to travel when the entire world is dealing with the pandemic? The answer is no.

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The situation is still the same! So, what should you do if you can’t avoid traveling? What Precautions should be taken? You can keep a few apps with you to minimize the chances of getting infected. Here are some of them.

Re-Open EU 

Re-Open EU is an essential app for anyone who is traveling within the EU will need to have. This interactive app gives you the information you need to plan your trip safely. Covering every country in the EU, it outlines everything you need to know about whether it is open for tourists and its infection rate to the latest government information. The app is updated every 24 hours to ensure it provides the most up to date information.

 NHS App

The NHS app is available to anyone under NHS England, and this app will include your medical number, medical records, and information about your GP. It contains vital information about Covid-19, including signs and symptoms. It is an essential app to have if you find yourself unwell abroad and need to show a doctor your medical history. It also helps you stay ahead of the virus and gives you the most up to date information from the NHS.

Covid-19 Tracker

This virus tracking app allows people to self-report symptoms to enable others in the area to know if people are getting infected nearby. If a user tests positive for the virus, the app will notify their contacts, allowing you to see if you have been exposed. It is helpful if you have just gone on holiday and will now need to self-isolate yourself. It divides users into three categories, dark green, meaning those who have not tested positive and are asymptomatic, yellow for those who have symptoms but have not tested positive and red for those who have tested positive.

COVID Symptom Tracker

This app has been created by doctors from King’s College London and St Guys and St Thomas’s Hospital. The app requires you to record symptoms daily, and it aims to slow the spread of the virus by showing which areas are high risk.


If you are looking for accommodation but don’t want to stay in a hotel, Airbnb is the place for you. In these current times, it is more desirable to stay in a holiday home than a hotel as that will mean you will not have to worry about mixing with many people. Airbnb lets you rent holiday homes anywhere in the world, with reasonable prices and some offering flexibility and cancellation options. The app has been walloped by the pandemic, so with borders opening, there are plenty of deals to be had. It’s essential to check before you book if you are allowed to travel and if there are any quarantine issues regarding your stay.


A favorite amongst many travelers is Skyscanner. Even amidst the pandemic, it is still providing us with the opportunity to compare flights and pick the cheapest one that is best for you. With the cost of flying on the rise due to the virus, it’s more important than ever to get yourself a bargain. You can watch flights and enable notifications so that if the price drops or rises, you know when it is best to book. It’s essential to research before booking flights that you are allowed to travel to your onward destination. Some countries are still not accepting international flights or flights from high-risk areas.

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For traveling

Some apps are helpful to utilize for post lockdown travel; we have outlined these below.

BBC News app

No matter where you are, you always have to stay updated on the latest news, and that’s where the BBC News App comes in. You don’t want to miss updates or travel information, this app will give you notifications, and you can set your preferences to include regional or international news. It is handy to have if you are traveling in a country where you don’t speak the language, as it will give you daily insight into what’s happening at home and if there are any updates regarding travel. This is not a time to be ill-informed.

Apps for self-quarantine

Many countries are requiring visitors to self-quarantine for 14 days upon arrival. This can be tricky for any holidaymaker, but even more so if you don’t have your home comforts. Some people are incorporating this isolation into their holiday, booking a private Airbnb holiday home, and escaping from the world for two weeks. But if you start to get a little bored, the following apps below are here to help you!


Netflix is the best app out there to pass the time, with thousands of TV shows and films to watch you’ll be spoilt for choice. Spend your evening binge-watching worthy shows such as Stranger Things, Ru Paul’s Drag Race, and Narcos. Take Netflix and chill to a whole new meaning; you finally have all the time you’ve ever wanted to catch up on all those guilty pleasures!


There’s nothing more soothing than having someone read to you, and Audible does just that, with some of your favorite celebrities taking the helm. Binge your favorite books without having to pay the excess baggage fee. Just relax, plug in your headphones, and listen to the story while watching the tide come in, the best self-isolation app ever.


This is country-specific, but many countries have Deliveroo, allowing you to avoid cooking during the pandemic safely. Order using the app and enjoy a contact-free collection. You’ll be indulging in burgers, curries, and more in no time. Who wants to cook on holiday anyway!

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