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Little did we realize that smartphones will ultimately emerge as the life-sustaining device sometime in the distant future with mobile application development service as the most sought after, gradually infiltrating the possible sectors, to offer myriad services within a mere touch of the mobile screen.

If we speak about the transportation sector, the recent years have witnessed a revolutionary modification with the taxi services offered by OLA, UBER, and LYFT thronging the streets to offer instantaneous response courtesy the available apps like UBER designed especially for such cab companies. Such services are posing a threat to the very existence of the private taxi services and public transportation since commuters expect pleasant riding experience to and from their pre-scheduled destinations. Availing public transportation such as buses offer anything but pleasant rides and private cabs often end up robbing the rider with charging humongous fares. More so the stiff competition rendered by the rideshare options available in the taxi booking apps are genuinely giving the private cabs a run for their money. Since the commuters prefer opting for a less cumbersome service, the cab businesses owning their personal applications have realized the imperativeness of having these apps to ensure survival in the competitive market.

Let’s discover the factors that have motivated the cab business to design their very own applications:

iconGain visibility for the business- Mobile applications work best in obtaining visibility for the taxi businesses as it offers the most viable option to search for services such as hiring cab services. Taxi business without application loose out key business prospects.

iconAdd importance to customers’ time- Everybody is busy nowadays and avoid wasting time calling a help center or standing on the street to hail a cab. Acquiring a cab by booking on the mobile application saves all the hassles involved with it.

iconFair rates with available coupons and discounts- This is a common experience for commuters who get badly robbed on hiring a private cab since they have no fixed rates, meters do not work and the passengers are at their mercy to reach out to their destination compiling with whatever fare is charged from them.

iconPossible rating the rides- Mobile developers offer a scope of feeding useful feedback and rate the overall riding experience right on the application which is used as a reference to gain more business in the future. Good ratings serve as the important marketing tool wherein poor feedback proves detrimental to the business.

iconEstablish customer loyalty- Incredible riding experience compel riders to return back to the application again and again and even refer the same to his connections, This is an age-old word-of-mouth marketing campaign for the cab business.

iconWorkforce reduction- This application can transform the whole cab business into a taxi aggregator allowing drivers and or vehicle owners to apply for service and your business will govern a fleet of cabs without directly owning them. Such a move take away the unnecessary headache and workload such as maintenance and cost incursion due to accidents or any operational expense, reducing your overall liability with maintaining such vehicles for service.

iconFacilitate cashless transaction- Integrating payment gateway into the mobile app development framework facilitate the cashless transaction through PayTm and other such e-wallets or online payment options cutting out the need to carry cash. This, in turn, serves as a record for the business owner to validate the overall business target achieved at the end of the day.

iconNo scope for service refusal- Yelling out to private cabs while standing on the street proves quite a nerve-racking job for the commuters and, often, they are met with refusal from the audacious cab drivers. This is not possible with such apps enabled cab services. Whenever a booking arrives the driver has no option but to accept the call and cater to the service.

iconEasy tracking of the vehicle- GPS enabled application linked with Google Map aids in easy navigation. Even if the driver is not much aware of the route, the navigation map will guide him to it along the shortest possible and less congested route. Also, the rider’s contacts can easily trace the location of the cab in case of emergency and the owner can track the driver’s activities too, courtesy such an embedded feature.

Time to wrap up

Private cab owners need to realize that they are targeting the tech-savvy generation of the population more and even the seniors have educated themselves with the nitty-gritty of the mobile technology. When a comfortable journey can be ensured with a mere touching of the mobile screen then why waste time standing in the queue at the bus stops or fighting for life to enter the metro. The top mobile application development companies have recognized this trend long ago to come up with such apps and we have OLA and UBER cabs right at our doorstep as and when they are hailed for their service. Owning a cab business is by itself quite burdensome and failure to design a supportive application can be a miscalculated step leading to its demise.

So, it is advisable not to waste time contemplating the situation. Rather be proactive to seek out the service of a dedicated mobile app developer hired to design such taxi booking apps in order to remain ahead in the competition. Fluper, one of the top-rated mobile app development companies in Dubai, has proved its competency in designing similar applications.


Vinay Kumar

Vinay Kumar is the brilliant mind behind the technology at Fluper, serving as the Chief Technology Officer. With a wealth of experience in software development and a passion for leveraging the latest technologies, Vinay drives the technical vision of Fluper's projects. His expertise in creating scalable and robust solutions ensures Fluper delivers best-in-class products exceeding client expectations.

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