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Google also entered the race to launch short video applications that concentrate on innovation and the room for DIY (Death of Innovation). The app’s in-house incubator product is called Area 120 by Google. Tangi is initially launched on the Internet and iOS, enabling creative types to share video-making. Contrary to TikTok, Tangi wants new things to be learned.

We focus on DIY and creative content,’ said Tangi Founder Coco Mao in a Wednesday blog post. “Our platform is to help people learn to craft, cook and create quick one minute videos. We have collaborated with the developers who already make videos of this kind to render Tangi Avenue for motivating other producers,” he said.

Whether cooking, beauty and improving your home, YouTube has become the perfect venue for training courses and other guides over the years.


The videos on the new platform are divided into photography, food, BRIC, beauty and fashion, and the categories of life. There is currently no Technology section so if for example, you want to root your phone or fix your screen you will need to look elsewhere (i.e. YouTube).


Use Tangi’s “Try It” feature to help build a community between the developers and their followers, consumers can also upload a new generation of items experienced.

One of our most recreated images in the avocado shell creates guacamole.

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There was a race to launch short video applications after the success of TikTok.

Dom Hofmann has also announced the release of his replacement, Byte, co-founder of the now-dead six-second Vine video platform.

Google also has a history for releasing and destroying apps and services a while back, so who knows whether it’s going to be around a year or not. But this is definitely not a full update, but an initial version, which enables Google to test users ‘ reactions before deciding on the next move.

Binary has a curious resemblance to almost all that makes Vine special.

Facebook-owned Instagram launched a new video music remix feature called “Reels” to take on TikTok’s increasing popularity.

“Reels” will allow users to make video clips of 15 seconds set to music and share it as stories.

Last November, Facebook launched an unofficial app called “Lasso” secretly to contend with TikTok.



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