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Marco Arment App developer today announces a new update for its famous Overcast smartphone podcast app. Arment states in a comprehensive blog post that Overcast’s new version now has a completely overhauled basic volume function called VoiceBoost2, focused on “dramatically more advanced methods that contribute to more reliable results and much better sound quality.”

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“Voice Boost 2 is a mastering quality audio processing system that introduces uniform loudness, light compression and EQ specifications in broadcast format, and a real-time, high-quality look ahead, without compromising sound resolution or battery life,” states Arment.


In other words, it will make the podcasts played via overcast sounds better and ensure that the volume, whether it’s in a loud office or within the limits of your car, is consistent and tailored to the environment. “You barely would know it if I did my job well. You don’t know your podcasts ‘ pocket remastered, “writes Arment.”I’m going to know, though. And you’re going to know a few who really matter. This is sufficient for me.

Podcast app Overcast


iconDownload online, offline, podcasts for action.

iconSearch and browse for new podcasts, plus receive personalized advice.

iconBuild custom playlists with intelligent filters and goals per podcast and replenish the list whenever you like.

iconFree updates obtained on the arrival of the new series.

iconSubscribing to a podcast, or simply adding a chapter.

iconInstall mobile podcasts, set a sleep timer or use Voice Boost to boost and normalize voice quality.

iconSpeed of the playback to reduce the silence and speed without distorting the discussion by using Smart Speed.

iconStandalone audio streaming Apple Watch.

iconDevice-support for Car Play.

In addition to Voice Boost 2, you can also miss the observations and perspectives from podcasts per-podcast by setting different time skips in the new Overcast update. Arment states, “Overcast will play much more responsively on Homepods and other Airplay 2 apps” because it now supports Apple’s Airplay 2. The new update should now be out for every iOS user. He also separates the restriction on clip sharing in private feeds, describing it as unnecessary.


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