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It is often said Survival of the fittest. To realize this renowned parlance; we must be aware with the word sustainable development which starts with the concept of being maintained at length without any damage within the available resources. Initially the concept was very difficult to penetrate. It was as clear as mud”. But eventually it turned from unambiguous to somewhat comprehensible. To gain high-tech future for tomorrow, there is a huge requirement of sustainability irrespective of almighty computers, satellite monitoring, and even the expansion of artificial intelligence. To increase the potential of sustainability, there should be an emergence of new economic model keeping in mind the expansion of information technology.
Now the question arises how information technology and sustainable development interacts with each other. Information technology has its own tools and communication where World Wide Web (www) plays a very important role. It helps representatives of different groups to take decision and improve their capacity to think globally so that they can find the best possible solution for sustainable development. The main concern is that the human capacity for information propagation and adaptation of information technology is far less as compared to the discharge of information needed for a sustainable growth. This concern can be reduced only when the reciprocal action i.e., interaction with the IT sector will be executed in a competent manner.
Now we must understand how the features of sustainable development are related to economic development and ensure long –term sustainability.

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Perennial Goal

Although the main feature of the sustainable development is its futuristic approach, which would focus on the economic development and circuitously Information technology. For instance the sustainable development ensures the survival of the humanity. Survival of humanity ascertains the emergence of Information Technology, where data will be considered as the crowned head and evolution of a new source of business through social platform, which has become the driver of business growth basically rendered by cloud computing.
To ensure a long lasting sustainability of IT sector, data management is quite essential. To cope up with the volume of data and complications regarding data management, platform architecture has been initiated. Since data is the pinnacle point for the IT sector therefore Data security has to be created with foolproof architecture.

Multifaceted Goals

One of the features of sustainable development is its multifaceted goals. Colligating the concept of sustainable development with information technology, it has also got multi-dimension goals apart from the technical growth.
More and more resources expended on Research and Development. Information Technology has become the new driver, since the research was earlier concentrated on JAVA, but now it has diverted its research on mobile computing, cloud computing and much more. This shift has ensured the preference towards the omnipotent computing and this has attributed for the expansion of demand for reduced cost computing solutions.
Another aspect of the multifaceted goal as far as sustainable development is concerned is the employment generation. Products generated with the help of information technology have served the higher end of the society. But the service of information technology can only be propagated with the help of employment generation. Employment generation can satisfy not only the high skilled candidates but also non- technical candidates as well. This employment can lead to the trickle down effect which would increase the GDP extensively.

Cosmopolitan Destination

As far as goals are concerned, Information technology has not confined itself into its own tentacles. It has ascertained its cosmopolitan aspect. It has a goal to make universe a better place as far as social infrastructure is concerned. Although the goal of universal telephony and communication has already been initiated with destination of serving a broad segment of the society, similarly there is another goal of access of network with the non-discriminatory price. This can only be implemented by the initiative of Government providing favourable environment to the IT sector.

Delineated Goals

Although a very celebrated line A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush is somewhat applicable whenever a goal is defined. So, another aspect of sustainable development is “well defined goal”. Similarly, the prospect of Information technology should be well –defined. Technically wrapping, it is the concept of interconnectivity index and marginalization index.
Interconnectivity index means individuals and organization linked with each other and similarly marginalization index is confined to information and technology, as it is served to a certain segment of society. To trim-down marginalization index and raise interconnectivity index, Information technology is planning to take more and more initiatives with the help of government.


Sustainable development has turned into a universally accepted model. But without information technology it turned into a situation of all brawn and no brain”. Interaction of sustainable development with information technology seems as if Nature abhors a vacuum. The ultimate goal for Information Technology must be the diffusion of its service to the entire society. But with the reference of aforesaid lines, it is quite evident that without the concept of sustainable development, Information technology cannot reach the desired destination of serving broader segment of the society.



Vinay Kumar

Vinay Kumar is the brilliant mind behind the technology at Fluper, serving as the Chief Technology Officer. With a wealth of experience in software development and a passion for leveraging the latest technologies, Vinay drives the technical vision of Fluper's projects. His expertise in creating scalable and robust solutions ensures Fluper delivers best-in-class products exceeding client expectations.

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