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WordPress continues to be the mainstay of content management systems, although it is now often used as never intended. And that has only made it more complicated to manage the life cycle of WordPress Websites, while hackers are trying to exploit any security issue to take control of a Website. Strattic aims to simplify all this by transforming WordPress sites into static pages that will not scan a database whenever a user sees a post.

Today the Israel Company declared its $6.5 million in seed rounds, under SignalFire and TenOneTen Investments, including Accel, Automattic, Seneca VC, Eric Ries, and Village Global VC. It also confirmed its presence in the business as a CTO for Zeev Suraski, who is co-founder of PHP 3 and Zend Engine at the heart of the PHP 4.


Strattic’s CEO and co-founder, Miriam Schwab, founded a web development company for WordPress approximately 13 years ago. At that time, WordPress was still often regarded as a tool to run personal blogs, but that clearly changed over time. Yet she found that, as her company provided the platform to the client, they would often come to her to seek maintenance–and that Strattic’s proposal depends on this knowledge and attempts to simplify the process through the use of static site generators. Schwab notices that they aren’t user-friendly, though.

Strattic Raises $6.5 M

With Strattic, people still get the usual WordPress experience, but the firm just spreads a WordPress container when you use it, reducing the attack surface significantly and generating the static sites when you make changes. Obviously, these static sites load very quickly and also have less attachment surface. Strattic also uses the CDN solution of AWS to speed up the sites.

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Nevertheless, Lawrence also said that it wasn’t easy to receive funding at first. In Israel, VCs didn’t look to fund a WordPress company at that time despite the fact that Strattic grew at a very nice speed (mostly organically) and got real clients. The company went to Silicon Valley to collect $2 million but returned with $6.5 million in a round of over-subscriptions in order to raise this round.




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