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LinkedIn is a website that basically combines immersive curriculum vitae with a college job fair, but it doesn’t stop the concept of a world that is better, more popular. His most recent try? Stories in the Snapchat style which the firm announced were tested for business conversations internally to test “a new conversation format.”

LinkedIn’s Content Products manager, Pete Davies, says, is aimed at meeting the members of LinkedIn’ where their voices are.’ Stories would be a lighter, more casual way of engagement in the business world which LinkedIn provides, rather also structured messages and notifications which make up the bulk of the website’s interactions. For instance, Davies imagines that an organization might use stories to share key moments from work events or tips and tricks that help us work smarter.

LinkedIn Tests Snap-Like Images

More cynic, LinkedIn stories can be interpreted as things like the 2018 video filters of the company: a sad attempt to convince social networking applications to be important and famous and expand their credibility outside their stupid corporate image.


Snapchat launched the original “plot” feature for the first time in 2013 before Instagram stole the design shamelessly and took it to even more success in 2016. Certain services such as Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube will soon follow, to the extent where”[things] are going to have tales.”

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In technology, this is not even the first time that LinkedIn has been dabbling in social media story formats: a related app called “Student Voices” was tested in 2018 to allow colleges to post videos in a “campus Playlist.”

However, the new feature of Student Voices seems like it would be a much broader tool, as it is limited both in who can use it (university school students) and in what they might share (just images, without the full range of applications like Instagram).

No promise is made that the general public will eventually be checked publicly with proposals for further public testing: it is just being evaluated internally.

For the app, I would say this: it has at least a very specific goal that has nothing to do with the basic elimination of Snapchat. This is not a generic bang-up of a social Network Stories app in which it is apparently unnecessary or necessary (Skype looks at you). Even if LinkedIn as a whole may be pointless— let alone your potential employer looks terrible at your Snapchat feed.


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