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The years 2016 saw a great deal of advancements over a huge number of innovations. As the year, arrived at an end, innovation evangelists began to consider upon the following flood of improvement for 2017. Social Media in that perspective has been a great deal in news for good and also awful reasons. While on one hand web-based social networking was recognized by most online organizations for being their prime wellspring of activity, it additionally got a ton of fire for fake news that got to be distinctly conspicuous in 2016.

As the year reaches an end, I kick back and recall every one of those naysayers who thought Social Media was just client driven and there was no space for organizations and brands. Notwithstanding, 2016 has unmistakably showed how brands, and in addition to organizations, can consolidate Social Media promoting into their advanced procedure to catch the separate market.

It is clear now that Social Media marketing is digging in for the long haul and is advancing at a quick pace. In the previous year, it has decidedly reacted to new advancements and made a totally new personality for itself. So what does 2017 have in store for web-based social networking and how it will advance? Before we get to it let us first take a gander at how 2016 turned out for web-based social networking.

How Social Media Planned Out in 2016

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And so on, enormous brands, new organizations, congresspersons, or benefit/charitable gatherings, and I will let you know where they exist on the web (socially).

The truth is that web-based social networking has turned into a fundamental piece of our lives and organizations are taking full preferred standpoint of it.

What TV was to organizations in the 90s, Social Media was that in 2016. Prior brands used to spend a great deal on TV advertisements and plugs to associate with their group of onlookers. These days, these brands are investing a similar energy and cash via web-based networking media to guarantee they draw in with the gathering of people.

2016 was the year for Facebook, in spite of the whole kickback confronted in 2015 it turned out decisively as the most prevailing Social Media stage achieving 1.79 billion month to month dynamic clients. It was trailed by YouTube, which has 1.3 billion clients.

Instagram, which was procured by Facebook for a monstrous sum, saw a noteworthy ascent timing more than 600 million month to month dynamic clients. Every one of these numbers plainly propose that Social Media is setting down deep roots and brands have begun to take awareness of it. They are additionally now discovering approaches to profit by web-based social networking’s notoriety for their preference.

There are more than 2.5 billion Social Media clients internationally and this number is developing at 9% every year. A year ago observed a tremendous convergence of publicizing spend among brands. A late report by Marketing age expressed that the Social Media spend developed from $7 billion to $10.9 billion in 2016, a hop of 55%.

Every one of these measurements highlight how 2016 has been a decent year for Social Media. What’s more, examiners express this is only a review of what 2017 will unleash.

What 2017 Have in Store for Social Media?

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iconSocial Trade

This is one of the enormous wagers for interpersonal interaction stage in 2017. The majority of the prevalent web-based social networking stages have officially tried the online business water with their purchase catches. Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook are thinking about this field as the following foundation of Social Media.

In 2017, all these Social Media stages will receive social trade noticeably, and it will drive the standard reception among brands. This will hugely affect web based business marks as they will profit the most from this move which will bring a positive impact on changes.


Live video

In the first place, it was printed overhauls, then came pictures and till as of late it was recordings, which changed the entire worldview of Social Media.

What’s to come is about live recordings; individuals will float towards live video partaking in coming circumstances. This would likewise build the web-based social networking utilization as individuals will remain online all the more regularly. Facebook, Twitter has officially fused this component and it has turned into a tremendous achievement.Online Businesses are moving towards live recordings to draw in with their clients. 2017 is the year, while having either a Facebook live, Instagram stories or Twitter periscope procedure will be significant for organizations.


Artificial Intelligence

Top Digital Marketing CompaniesAs of now a great deal has been said in regards to artificial intelligence and machine learning in 2016. Companies like Amazon and Google are wagering gigantic on this innovation to guarantee that purchasers get pertinent data in view of their inquiry.

Experts have anticipated that Investments in AI will triple in 2017 as web-based social networking goliaths have likewise go up against this innovation into their center foundation.

Fake news has been a major issue in 2016 and stages will join manmade brainpower to guarantee that this danger gets expelled from their stage. Moreover, it will likewise help stages to dispatch powerful apparatuses for online organizations to focus on their clients.



Towards the finish of 2016, there was a tremendous buzz around Chatbots and how chatbots will drive the following flood of business-shopper relationship.

With the beginning of 2017, Chatbots will take the prime spot in Social Media changes. As of now organizations like CNN, Poncho have highlighted the noticeable quality of Chatbots in the present market progression.

Chatbots will work the very same way like Virtual partners (Google now, Siri and Cortana), yet in the particular environment.


Virtual Reality

In spite of the fact that, this innovation has been abundantly discussed, we didn’t see its usage in 2016.

Facebook, Microsoft, and Google have been dealing with VR advances for the recent years and it appears that in 2017 customers will at long last grasp this innovation. It will likewise empower internet business organizations to add an additional channel to their substance showcasing procedure, where shoppers will have the capacity to think about, envision and make buys in a basically genuine environment.


Running Summative

Generally speaking, Social Media marketing will see gigantic advancement in 2017, with a radical new arrangement of advances going to the cutting edge.

It will be an essential year for online ventures to support their web-based social networking marketing methodology and catch the market while it is still hot.

Regardless of the possibility that you don’t have a craving for consolidating every one of these patterns into your core marketing methodology, consider in any event trying different things with them as there’s nothing to lose except for surely a great deal to achieve.

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