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Recently Nokia registered a trademark for the name Viki, similarly Samsung restricted on home robots. It has thrown some shade on LG’s Hub robot after expecting some Samsung robots in the advent of CES at Las Vegas. But according to a recent representative of Samsung Home electronics expects a lustrous future of health care based on wearable application.

Last year wearables brought some wonderful occurrences from virtual reality to Apple watch 2. It even brought a drastic concept of Hearables, Fitbit’s smartwatch, stress bursting wearables and many more. Although this is not a matter of astonishment that market of wearables flourished a lot. It enabled constant monitoring and measuring of upbeat but it even witnessed a debate whether the data generated from these devices are worth their prices.

Wearables canopied the entire market but it is a matter of concern that whether the supply of these wearables are really matching with the corresponding demand of the users.

Justify the originality

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Although wearables have become lightweight but sometimes consumers feel that it lost to act independently or in other words the devices try to mimic to be mechanical which predates electronics. Just for instance Apple watch which although proved to be incredible as far as innovation is concerned. But the watches must prioritize the initial functioning of the watch. As the wearables came into existence they have become more complex.

Although there are various mechanical constraints but wrist-worn devices must focus to display the time in a more useful ways.

Fresh tracking features

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Left the days of plasticky step trackers , now that we have come a long way from the early days of Fitbit and come up with the Garmin and 24/7 heart monitoring to get the amazing insights of your health. Various devices have already invaded like sleep tracking, advanced resting heart rate and many more. But users are expecting to add up more dimensions in a single device that can easily establish synchronisation with the mobile phones.

Better data analysis

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Although users now enjoy to wear analogue wearables and alleviates to carry other “multifunctional tool”. There are few complains which are obstacles to analyse data more efficiently. Like apps crashes and also installation problems. Top wearable mobile app development company is trying hard to alleviate this complain and also trying to ensure that the data collected is integrated so that it generates meaningful insights. This analysis should be understandable and should add up remedies in case of any error or fault. Users enjoy to have personalised comments along with the data generated.

Innovative components

To reduce the processing time, key components are needed to be strengthened. With the help of innovative components it will not only reduce the time of prescribed procedure but also add up other attributes as well.

Since the wearable trying its level best to grab the leftover market of smartphones and this has trickled-down its impact on the components.


Although market is already encroached with the wearables but what customers expect is vital. People always look for some intelligent system but expect it to be accessible at moderate rates. Due to the pricy technology, still there are not so many people in the wearable bandwagon. While adding up more and more feature and making the object vivid, Wearable mobile app developer should also give considerable importance to make the device available apart richer section of the society.

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