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Snapchat’s aimed at TikTok. Today the company revealed it would start testing a new feature that allows Snapchat users to match their snaps to songs, similar to the TikTok app. The functionality that allows Snapchat to capitalize on the TikTok audience fragmentation, which has been pursuing alternative applications as the Trump administration considers a crackdown on data privacy issues on Chinese tech firms.contact-us

Apps such as Byte, Triller, Dubsmash, Likee, and others have already climbed the charts of the app stores, while consumers of TikTok hedged their bets. Instagram has introduced a music-oriented app called Reels to cater for the crowd at TikTok.

Once friends open one of the new music snaps they will be able to swipe up to see the cover art, the single title, and the name of the singer. There’ll also be a link to “Play This Track.”

This feature differentiates the application of Snapchat from TikTok, where clicking on the “music” button of a video clip would only take users to a page of other clips that have used the same tone. Yet although TikTok lacks a feature today that completely links a user to the artist behind a popular music clip, let alone the entire album, the strength of TikTok has continued to unleash smash stars as users searched their favorite TikTok artists through streaming platforms.

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Nevertheless, Snapchat says its music app would encourage users to develop deeper connections to artists and music. This also referred to its role in being a platform for close friends, which gives it more influence — mostly because of how friend-to-friend advice its millennial consumer base enjoys. Snapchat now serves 90% of all 13 to 24-year-olds in the U.S., more than Twitter, Instagram and WhatsApp combined say the service. This also hits 75 percent of the ages of 13 to 34. And while TikTok has a broad foreign presence, Snapchat says that, based on publicly accessible statistics, it has more U.S. customers than Facebook and TikTok together.


In the case of Snapchat, consumers will select songs from what the organization says to be a “robust” songs library, either pre- or post-capture. This is made possible by Snap’s relations with partners in the music industry, including Warner Music Company, Warner Chappell, Universal Music Publishing Company, representatives of the NMPA press, Merlin, and others, who have licensed their songs for use in the Snapchat app.Disclaimercontact-us

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