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It seems difficult enough to have one brick-and-mortar company. I have several places running? That’s a relentless balancing act of phone calls, checklists, and travel back and forth from shop to shop for certain participants. It gets all the more complicated right in the middle of a pandemic.contact-us

Delightree, a startup from the previous Alchemist Accelerator cohort, raised $3 million to develop a hyper-focused platform to help franchise owners (think hotels, gyms, restaurant chains, etc.) with their operations and automated workflows.

A big part of Delightree’s plan is to transfer more of what is happening at the moment to Smartphones via pen-and-paper checklists, enabling franchise owners to learn from afar what is going on at their sites. They digitize workflows such as opening/closing regular shop processes or repair tasks, with workers checking boxes on their computers instead of a paper to-do log. If something gets lost along the way, Delightree will ping the owner automatically to let them know before it turns into a problem.

This will also help organize and monitor issues like embarking on new hires and being ready for tests while supplying owners with a centralized venue for team-wide updates or calling workers.

Delightree formed from an earlier firm founded by his co-founders, Madhulika Mukherjee and Tushar Mishra. They ‘d worked on Survaider, a program that tracked consumer reviews through social media, web pages, and so on and transformed the reviews into actionable to-do lists.

The team has collaborated on a product named Delightcomply that lets retailers keep up-to-date with the new CDC recommendations for pandemic-operating companies and exchange enforcement information with prospective buyers automatically. A company may use Delightcomply to explain publicly the actions it is taking to keep employees/customers secure, e.g. by periodically updating the listing to display the status of each task.

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Delightree partners closely with each potential client to support them with the initial configuration — primarily to help franchisees take the basic operating procedures they get closer from the company owners to turn them into workflows for Delightree.


They continue to hammer out a precise pricing model but claim they bill on a per-location-per-month basis, with pricing differing based on the size/complexity of the company. They set up a waiting list for whoever is involved.contact-us

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