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Everyone who has a smartphone, at one time or the other, has believed, with some logic, that their device has a virus problem. Malicious malware can be very dangerous.With increasing usage of smartphones, viruses have multiplied as criminals look to cheat people of their money, their date or simply offload money-making ads on them.

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How to find out a virus in your smartphone?

  • Your phone is hot to touch even though you have not been using it much
  • Your data is getting exhausted too fast or your phone bill is rising without any change in your activity
  • Too many and quite intrusive ads appear on your phone
  • The contacts in your phone list are getting spam messages from your phone

With increasing usage of smartphones, viruses have multiplied

How to avoid getting a virus on your phone:

Never download unverified apps from unknown sources. Always go to official app stores like Google Play Store or Apple app store to download apps.

Whenever you download an app, it will ask for permissions from you on what it can do on your phone. So, be very careful about what you allow it to do. Do not give any permission that you are uncomfortable doing.

Just like in computers, mobile phones too need anti-virus software. So, make sure you install an anti-virus that is trustworthy and dependable.

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