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When the concept of mobile apps first emerged, it’s completely changed the way the people used their phone. Now its retail store owners’ turn to take advantage of the tiny ‘handy device’ everybody carries around these days. The mobile revolution and Mobile Application Development in UK have rapidly changed the way retailers can interrelate with their customers. There is no need anymore to rely on billboards or printed materials to advertise discounts and special offers when you can do it in a more efficient way, i.e. a mobile app.

Yes, it’s a fact that earlier people do not find apps much beneficial for the retail sector because of the expenses involved in building an app. But now, even with top-notch customer service and high product demand, something may be missing in your business. Mobile apps have long been on the rise and they are grabbing the attention of loyal customers. They want access to your retail store at their fingertips, whenever they want. They compare prices, search places, goods and other buyer’s reviews using their smartphones. A recent report states that 4 out of 5 smartphone owners prefer to learn more about the product by browsing their mobile devices, while they are still in the showroom. This clearly signifies the impact of mobile revolution on customers. And, one and only beneficial solution to connecting with the audience through mobile is Retail Mobile App.

Why it is necessary?

Whether you have a seaside boutique, a shoe shop in the city, or a sports store in the mall, your prime focus is to gain customer attention and they love your brand. For better results, you can use the popularity of mobile apps among the smartphone users to improve the reach and scale of your business online. A recent statistics have revealed that 54% of customers consider a mobile app for retail business much more convenient and easier in usage than a mobile site; therefore, it is important for the retail business owner to hire mobile app developers to expand their global reach. Having a retailer app for your business offers various benefits, here are some common benefits that you first need to understand-

  • Apps help keep your brand high up in the market.
  • Customers can use the app in offline mode, which is a real benefit.
  • Having an app allows you to demonstrate products and services, connect with clients.
  • Give users an enhanced customer experience.
  • Apps load time is faster than mobile sites.

If you are wandering what a simple mobile app really going to do for your business? Check out these six reasons why mobile is a game-changer for the retail industry-

  • Connects with global audience

First and foremost benefit is that it lets you connect to a wider audience for your products. You can sell your product to people living in different cities, state or nation. The bigger market you can target through your dedicated mobile app to sell your product, as a result, your ROI will also see a significant improvement.

  • Improves Sales and Profit

The profit is one of the crucial things that every retailer wants. It was calculated that more than 85% of users who installed a retail app use it regularly, which means there are higher chances for sales of products. In fact, with the help of discounts, special offers and a loyalty program for mobile shoppers, you can easily gain profit from mobile users.

  • Understand the Buying Patterns of App Users

A retailer mobile application gives you data concerning the buying patterns of the app users, which is beneficial because it gives an insight into the mind of the user to find out what kind of services they prefer. As a result, it gives you an enormous advantage in advertising your products to the targeted audience.

  • Adding Advanced Technology is Easy

Not only for the business owner but also this feature allows the android as well as iOS app development company to take advantage of using advanced technology in an app. If you want to introduce advanced technology like mobile payment, geolocation and push notifications; to your retail business then you will find that it is much cheaper to do in a retailer app in comparison to a physical store.

  • Brand Loyalty

Brand recognition and loyalty is a big plus for your company. Many businesses around the globe are trying to build their marketing campaigns in a way to increase their brand popularity. Mobile apps offer you a huge platform through which you can improve the brand loyalty of your product. It is suggested that instead of spending so much money on advertising through billboards, you can use it more productively in a retail app.

  • Facilitates Secure Payments

Security is one of the crucial aspects that you will get by a retail app. It is well-known that secure online payment is very important, especially for those people who are always on the move and may not carry much cash with them. In a retail mobile app, you can offer customers with numerous payment options, which are not always possible in a brick and mortar store.

Some Key Points to Consider-

  • For a solid market presence, you should make an app for each platform: Android, iOS. You can hire iOS as well as Android app developers who are skilled and proficient.
  • You need to provide your app with continuous updates and latest features.
  • The cost of an app depends on its functionality, the more it has, the more it costs.
  • Make sure you continuously track and monitor users’ feedback.
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All in All

Mobile technology has been a growth booster for the retail industry across the world and it has helped retailers to get into a more amicable relationship with their customers. The information I have listed above will surely guide you if you want to make your retail business prosperous. The modern era demands only modern technologies and approaches. Do not waste your time and give your consumers an opportunity to shop with comfort! Moreover, you can communicate with a Top Rated Mobile App Development Company in UAE who can offer high-quality and cost-effective technology solutions as per your requirement. It is important because, the mobile app performance completely depends on the retail mobile app development company, its team of developers and their proficiency.

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Being a Delivery Head at Fluper, Sukhmander is responsible for the on-time delivery of projects. With its previous years of experience, he has mastered the art of building mobile apps that fulfill the necessities of clients effortlessly. Mr. Sukhmander has become a perfect example of dedication and discipline for all.

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