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Amidst Apple-Qualcomm feud which is inching closer to its conclusion, Apple has been sued by one more company. On this occasion, it’s Seven Networks or Seven which is an American company founded in the year 2000. Seven provides a lot of products, with mobile messaging products being the most popular ones and used by many big brands like Samsung, LG, and Motorola, etc.

The company has claimed that Apple has infringed 16 of its patents. The patents were related to iCloud, iOS and macOS and a few other platforms. For filing patents, the company went to the Eastern District of Texas which a few experts say that is an expected move considering Apple’s several losses to previous claims by some of the companies. To evade the problem Apple is closing two of its stores in the same district.

Understanding about Seven Networks

Seven Networks, often referred to as SEVEN provides mobile messaging products which are turnkey multi-devices and multi-service computer software for operators and device manufacturers. The company’s products provide desktop-like experience for messaging applications like email, instant messaging and social networking.

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Awards won by Seven Networks

  • GSMA awarded SEVEN with its Global Mobile Award for best technology breakthrough in 2011.
  • SEVEN won the Mobile Merit Award for outstanding innovations in the mobile industry
  • Tech Radar awarded SEVEN for the best Free Android app in 2013, Various brands like SAMSUNG, LG, Motorola use their technology as claimed by the company

List of Patents Seven claims are Infringed by Apple

It appears that most of the patents are true considering its co-founder and CTO Trevor Fiatal or present CTO Ari Beckham have been named as Inventor for various patents already. The only Intellectual property not initially credited to the company, SEVEN was 557 patent which was filed by SNRLabs which SEVEN acquired in 2013.

Have a look at some of the patents filed by SEVEN

Method for saving power for downloading of files

Push notification service to get automatic downloads

Background refreshing option

Warning when the battery of the iPhone gets low

Data store Authentication

Messaging center for forwarding of emails

Alarm manipulator and Resource Tracker

Some experts believe that the lawsuit seeks unspecified damages, licensing fees, reimbursement of legal fees and other reliefs whichever court finds feasible. But it seems that SEVEN might get some money for the patents considering the Qualcomm battle Apple just went through. However, SEVEN is not a big brand hence the veracity of its accusations cannot be declared true. We will have to wait for the future to unfold but it seems no company is in a mood to take from any big company.

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Seven Networks files lawsuit on Apple for Infringing 16 patents

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