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Qualcomm last week announced several products that will be used to enhance next-generation automobiles. These future cars will most certainly be electric and increasingly autonomous.

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The underlying technology has applications in emerging markets like robotics, automated businesses, and even smart cities; because when you develop an automated control that can handle the complexities of driving on a public street, you have a foundation to automate pretty much anything.

This opportunity is why other companies like Intel and Nvidia are chasing this as well; it isn’t just the car market. We’re talking about an industrial revolution of epic scale. The coming Cadillac that could be more of a technology showcase than anything Tesla has.

Electric cars are better in some ways and worse in others. They tend to be simpler, but few are trained to work with high-voltage DC. Lithium-Ion burns hot enough to melt aluminum.

We are about to go through some significant personal transportation changes, with personal flying vehicles advancing faster than regulations, electric cars moving from niche vehicles to the general market, and car building materials moving from metals to composites.

The future of the car is coming, and it will change the relative status of every automobile company. Those that understand that they need to shift to more electronics and adopt sustainability and service models will come out just fine.Disclaimer

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