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Due to the COVID-19 crisis, social media has seen a huge growth in its usage. Now, most of the users are active on different social media platforms to communicate with their friends, family, and colleagues. From the recent reports from insights, it was found that some of the apps are gaining huge benefits. In a survey, the reports reveal that WhatsApp is the social media platform that has gains huge benefits due to this COVID-19 pandemic.

Overall, the usage of Facebook-owned WhatsApp rose 40% in the previous days of the pandemic to 41% in the mid-phase, from an original 27 percent boost. WhatsApp use has increased by 51% in countries now in the latter stages of the pandemic. This use can be much higher in individual markets, Kantar points out. In Spain, for example, the use of WhatsApp increased by 76%.

The study also showed an increase in the usage of all communications channels between the ages of 18-34 years was the highest. Furthermore, from the same demographic, the use of WhatsApp, Twitter, and Instagram has risen by 40%. Google and WeChat and China’s Weibo are other social media apps that have made improvements over the pandemic.

 Vital News of COVID-19

In general, Facebook use rose by 37 percent, while the usage of Chinese social media applications increased by 58 percent, says Kantar. Despite the changes, consumers say they did not focus on the Vital News of COVID-19 on their social media channels. Local television networks and government department web pages have been best positioned to classify them as a “trustworthy” source of news and information, with 58 percent and 48 percent respectively survey respondents. In the meantime, only 11% of users viewed social media sites as “trustworthy.”

Kantar’s is not the first study to comment on the rise in usage in social media attributed to COVID-19. Facebook has been posting its statistics recently and noticed that in the past month, total messages on its site rose by more than 50%. This will involve the mix of Facebook Chat, Instagram and WhatsApp. It also reported that there were 70 percent more applications after the crisis and more time in group calls over the last month (three or more participants).

Another study by the marketing company influencer Klear compared 7-14 March with 15-21 March to show more detailed Instagram user behavior. Users shared 6.1 Instagram reports a day, on average, a 15 percent rise week-over-week. The perceptions of news and views have risen in that period by 21%.



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