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Washington has replied to Giant Economy executives ‘ rising urgent cries by deciding that hard-up employees would be among the beneficiaries of Wednesday’s $2 billion stimulus bill by the Senate.

When the bill is passed on Friday by the House of Representatives based on projections and signed as the place by US President Donald Trump, the first fee to be charged would be the rideshare drivers as well as Airbnb owners.


Yet by actively pushing concert staff for the same defense as other unemployed citizens during the Coronavirus epidemic, businesses risk unraveling their claims that they should not be supported with a security net.

The bill gave “a lot of comfort” when the use of the apps plummets, said Harry Campbell, who maintains a blog targeting Uber and Lyft users.

Gig workers provided $2 trillion

The bill would reward rideshare drivers, catering vendors, Airbnb Hosts and other forms of self-employed employees with the exact amount set out by State unemployment laws.

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For example, employees in California would earn the same amount as their working hours, which are reduced to $450 a week. The bill contains guidelines for the extra $600 a week under the banner “National Pandemic Unemployment Insurance.”

Chuck Schumer (D-NY) Senate leader Chuck Schumer described it in the last month as a “dramatic and unprecedented extension” of rights of those employed in less conventional job trends. Dara Khosrowshai, Uber’s Chief, wrote in a three-day letter to Mr. Trump: “My purpose to write is not to seek a bailout for Uber.” However, it is better to help individual contractors on their board and to provide them legitimately with a genuine safety net after we have gotten through the immediate crisis.”

Mr. Khosrowshahi replied in a statement to the vote on the Senate on Wednesday: “I advise the House to move on the bill to address this issue. I am committed to Uber’s role in implementing new laws that will allow businesses like ours to provide individual employees with more benefits.”

Airbnb’s CEO Chris Lehane said the organization “deeply appreciates the bipartisan leadership of the senate and house to understand that a growing workplace market depends on Airbnb to fulfill its monthly financial requirements.”



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