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The mobile world is flooded with number of apps but there are very few apps that are “potent” to hit and last in the devices for long. Sticking and lasting into a devices is the most important factor that contributes in its success. But How? How one can ensure the lasting of an app without proper knowledge and guidelines that can make your app long lasting.
Most (albeit a very large proportion) of the apps exhaust in a day or two and user finds no option but to uninstall them and most of them even go unnoticed. So now it’s the time to figure out how to resolve this dilemma of apps.
Mobile app developers in the lack of knowledge and guidelines make several silly yet fatal mistakes on the hardware grounds that can lead to the aforesaid issues. Here we are addressing a few of those vital points that should be considered while developing a mobile application:
Look & Feel of An App Brings You More People and A Lasting Period In Their Devices, Ensure That!
“Don’t Hesitate! Use Our Magical Tips To Increase The Potency of Your App!
1. Resolution, Not Yours But Screen!
Screen Resolution
As mentioned before, there is a flow of app in the market, same is true for the devices as well. There are numerous devices in the market which are of different shapes, sizes and resolutions. All of this makes it hard for developers to sooth their passage to the app market. The more devices, the more resolutions difference.
So what we suggest them to do is to provide and create an application relevant and concise information on the flash screen instead of stuffing your app with numerous features. Not Every Less is less!
2. Stop Pointing! Either People Or Cursor
Application Process
Always remember you’re developing an app for mobile devices not those giant PCs which are operated by the mouse and needs a cursor to operate. Though there are several smartphones that supports stylus, trackpad or other stuffs but they’ve become as old as Snowden!
Even our elders preach not to point anyone! So let’s obey them. Meanwhile, also keep this in mind that it’s really a pain in the ass for an end user to drag and place the stuffs on tiny mobile screen. Tapping the screen is way more convenient.
So, Dear Almighty Developers, Please Avoid Drilling Them with Unnecessary Functionalities.
3. Hitting the Keyboard, Not jerks
hitting the keyboard
Keyboards are also getting out of order now a days. Don’t forget your granny while you type this! There are very few people who are fond of fingering the keys oh I mean typing! New generation has multiple options and they find it hassle to have a QWERTY on their phone screen while they’re delve in an app.
So, keeping least use of keyboard in your app will give an edge to your app.
God Bless Your Grands!
4. Size! Oh Well the Font Size!
Image Size
Size Matters, Indeed but not always the large! Some people love it small on their mobile when it comes to fonts as mobile screens are comparatively easier to read in the small fonts. Hence keeping the fonts shorter and fit-in sized is a good option to allure your people.
Rest, the ball is your hand, you can do whatever you want with the fonts but keep this in mind meddling with the standards will impact your usability quotient.
5. Dysfunction! Nah it’s about Button dysfunction.
Not every yellow is a gold, this case is way more exact when it comes to the mobile users. Not all users who have a flagship phones under their palms knows everything about their devices. Mobile app developers should always worry about the buttons and their placement to avoid their dysfunction.
Ensure that your app has a button indicator that aids the user to navigate the application with ease. In addition to this you may also try to put a help section, describing the functionalities of an app.
6. See the Brighter Side, With Colors!
brighter side
This is necessary to watch the colors of a person when he/she is playing with your app. Confused!
Yes, actually we’re pointing the color combination of your application. Always keep that in mind your app design and its color combinations play an extremely vital role in its potency! Always try to keep the colors in the compliance with the text mentioned so that user doesn’t have to fuddle up while using the application.
Tempting your users with colors another may come out handy for your application and make it lay down for some more time in the devices. (Winks!)
Cover Up!
While on the trip to your mobile app development, always take precaution of these aforesaid measures in order to make your application last long in the devices of your target users. It takes a lot of effort to make your app stand, in the app market with counting figures below them. So, never let your app development effort go in vain!
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