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Respective IT Technologies recoiled from losses to profits at the end of the fiscal 2016 and is drifting towards a strong fiscal 2017. Various experts and Analysts have exhibited an optimistic future in order to drive the company to the utmost success with the advent of the most robust strategy till date i.e. Data economy. Various economies like Qualcomm and Intel are heading towards taking bold steps to initiate Data Economy by increasing their vulnerability in favour of IoT, 5G as well as Autonomous Cars.

In case odds are passing off in your business, then the company must have been talking about a “mobile strategy”. But in case everything is occurring according to your anticipation, then you must pioneer from the back-end and front-end to make the organisation alive and kicking. But the first step initiating a mobile strategy is to understand what a mobile strategy is. Small-scale businesses consider mobile something related to logistics. But with the advent of Millennial and Generation Z, mobile are no more confused with portability but rather modus Vivendi.

Significance of Mobile strategy

Mobile Strategy image

In case you have tried your patience last year, then you might have developed the right competencies as well as strategies to craft mobile apps, and must have gained product knowledge or quarter of it to accomplish the process of gaining knowledge and incorporate it to make the most flourishing app. This is the anticipated outcome of any top rated mobile application development companies.

But in case you are yet to gain the cognizance related to the robust mobile strategy, then we have taken the initiative to delineate the mobile strategy marked by the ultimate suitability. From startups to Top mobile application development companies, haskepta mere mantra “to do something with mobile” which has further consecrated to do day-to-day churn in order to define the mobile strategy. Hence in brief, Mobile strategy is to arrange business goals, user needs by spicing up acquiring mobile technologies through enabling team to converge their focus what innovation must be initiated with mobile to anticipate a mature future.

Assistance from Social Media Intelligence

Social Media mobile App strategy

In case you are responsible for marketing a brand then monitoring what people suggests on social media and interacting with them on a regular basis is becoming essential. But monitoring social media is quite painstaking, looks for 24/7 job. To make this somewhat convenient, there are advents of large number of social media marketing and listening tools that can give quick insights affiliated to your brand.

As per HootSuite experts, social media monitoring is as effective to track the mobile environment from changing the state of insights into action at the real time. These insights can be synchronised with the team activities across the organisation. For the effective social media intelligence there are visual social networks for the first exposure to points out customers all across the world.

Incorporation of Customer Engagement with business engagement

Customer Engagement

Although the basic functions of a mobile app are not something extraordinary, they reflect a lot of things that websites can do in a streamline manner by rendering a storefront, information regarding business, content etc. With the proliferation of internet, it has sprung up the new concept “internet of customers”. There are essential factors to boost up the client retention, for instance

  • A beautiful stimulating designs
  • User friendly
  • Customised access to preferences
  • Streamlined settings

The major problem is that most of the personnel’s get perplexed with proper utilisation of mobile apps to distinguish between sales and marketing. Mobile apps are the most significant tool to accommodate in the company to gather customer feedback, proper analysis of habits and proper anticipation of their needs in order to endow real time marketing operations to render automated employee responses and further brand building.

Find the relationship of data with Digital Strategy

If you are eager to know the relationship of data with digital strategy then data acts as a barometer to learn how much equipped you are, to stride changes. This incorporation of data with digital strategy will end with earning and long-term stability.

Mobile Innovation for a comparative advantage over a competitive edge

Mobile innovation relies on the target demographics, customer type and even company size which play a significant role they are intended to attract. Over the past few years, there are number of regional software players that have welcomed mobile innovation tailored into their local businesses. In case of mobile innovation too, it is quite essential to understand the unique objective and needs of the businesses, and in order to stride with the needs and establish competitive edge via comparative advantage.

Rigorous test for a vigorous tomorrow

Now that the trends of mobile apps have extended to every corner of the ecosystem, app’s development looks for huge money and time investment. Coders do aware the fact that how important to excel a service is, to hit the ultimate market. Before that, it is quite essential to avoid bad reviews and collectively extend this for a positive aspect. It can be vital for the company’s success, there are innumerable tools to analyse before hitting it to the market. For instance, focus groups, 1:1 interview as well as digital platform that plays a quite important role.

After recruiting a sample of participants by the user testing, it enables developer to check the entire usability and ensure that buttons and icons are designed well and convenient to be used. Like the said above, in case the designs are not approved by the final participants, then specific feedbacks must be gathered and converge them for further refinement in order to make sure that the app does not end up with bad reviews.

Strategies to improve App Store ratings

App Store Optimisation is the process which ensures app creation to get the visibility in the App Store. There are although various App Store optimisation strategies that can improve App store ratings.

  • Comprehensive market research in order to understand who can end with the maximum benefit from the app
  • Visibility of keywords in the title
  • Unique app design
  • Take the help of demographics
  • App indexing
  • Proper Monitoring ASO
  • Look for positive reviews

Put dedication in both mobile sites and apps

While establishing a mobile presence for the business or organisation, one of the considerations that strike in most of the appreneurs whether to invest in the creation of mobile application for users to download or dedicate for a mobile website, or perhaps both. Although both mobile apps or mobile websites look similar at first-glance but ascertaining which one is favourable looks for various factors like target audience, pre-determined budget etc.

Fabricating a responsive websites with mobile-first approach is so vital for visibility as far as internet searches are concerned, followed by engagement with new customers by boosting visits. While mobile apps are considered to be the most powerful tools in order to boost retention by using exclusive benefits such as promotions, discounts as well as circulating breaking news.

Free from obscurity whether to bring bot or not


This mobility strategy is quite essential because chatbot developers possess their own tools so that they can employ them independently to develop the product and bring the drastic changes across the industry. But the key however, has been chat apps opening exposure for API in order to allow developers to build conversational tools. It looks for independent campaigns for messaging apps in order to extend more users. But in other part is that all bots are made equal since it lacks sophisticated entry level especially in case of Facebook.

What has blockchain technologies brought for you?

As far as technology behind the cryptocurrency bit coin is concerned, one of the biggest advantage it provides transparency as well as visibility since it provides online transactions. Via centralised ledger of transactions, it validates authenticity which are considered to be more secure rather than traditional encryption methods over the decentralised database environment.

Carry out Multi-screen Marketing strategy

Multi Screen

Multi-screen refers to owning a smartphone and tablet or laptop. Multi-screen marketing strategy has been acute with the advent of millennial in order to drive as well as multi-platform utilisation which has been a peculiar trend. This is quite crucial because the average human attention rate has dropped to 12 seconds in 2000. This data further dropped in Generation z to just 8 seconds. Hence brand campaigns depends on multiple screen, can achieve considerable results rather than small-screen campaigns.

These mobility strategies, end up with deserving competencies and ensure to pace in this impulsive environment. In case you are conscious about the mobility strategy, then Fluper is one of the top most mobile application development companies that adhere to the most robust mobility strategy with the help of expert team and get you the most path-breaking app.


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