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Driving millions of downloads is the dream of every app startup founder. In present mobile app development world, there exists tough competition among the apps so it is not straightforward to make your app popular. If you are adopting traditional marketing and advertising to boost downloads then it is almost impossible to make the app go insanely viral. Well, virality does not come from implementing social media features; in fact, you have to do extraordinary work.

Let’s have a look at these steps to make your app popular –

Proven Ways to Make your App Go Viral

Proven Ways to Make your App Go ViralSocial Media Sharing

By implementing social sharing capabilities into your app, people can generate good revenue. It does not matter your app related to which category, you should enable in app-social sharing. Well, it is extremely easy, just integrate social feeds directly into your application and see the results. Besides this, you can include social media sharing buttons and CTAs.

Proven Ways to Make your App Go ViralAsk for Reviews

You need to ask users to review your app. This is because Android app developers and marketers pass up valuable opportunities on every day. Without being pushy, you have to focus on positive reviews. This is because positive reviews are the only thing that can boost app store search ranking.

Let’s have a look at best practices –

  1. Make sure your app provides enough value.
  2. Don’t irritate users with excessive requests.
  3. Request reviews from those who can provide positive feedback.

Proven Ways to Make your App Go ViralContextual Deep Linking

The idea behind deep linking is that if users click on the link from their phones then definitely their device will capture information such as what page they were viewing. Contextual deep linking store information of user i.e., where the link was clicked, who share the link as well as other custom data. In this way, app developers can build powerful features like as welcome pages, referral programs etc.  In fact, mobile app developers can take the advantage from this as it provides better experiences and relevant information.

Proven Ways to Make your App Go Viral

Proven Ways to Make your App Go ViralGreat On boarding

Generally, people get surprised to know that user onboarding is an important part of the customer journey. In fact, onboarding experience is the main thing that can captivate user’s attention and increase retention rate. If we talk about its best practices, then it emphasizes the app’s value and increases conversion rates.

Proven Ways to Make your App Go ViralShow the Wow moment

Have you ever used an app that provides you with extraordinary experience? Well, you have to focus on “wow factor” on your app so that users feel an immediate and strong connection with your product. Make your goal extraordinary so that users can experience your application’s “wow moment”.

Best Strategies to Increase App Downloads

Proven Ways to Make your App Go Viral

Proven Ways to Make your App Go ViralStart with Content

In a study, it is revealed that 80% of US customers are influenced by their friends’ posts. It is always the best idea to populate your app with curated content. Besides this, you can use tools to create remarkable content. Generally, it is seen people share that content which can help others, boost their mood and improve their own reputation. Various iOS app development companies spend their time & efforts to boost their app download but get fail.

Proven Ways to Make your App Go ViralMake people curious

People are generally curious about what’s going on other people’s lives. So you should create mystery around your app by withholding features that it offers. Features are the only thing through which you can get more shares of the app. If you want to make your app go viral then you can surprise users with gifts. To improve sharing of the app, you should create a mystery as it makes the product desirable.

Proven Ways to Make your App Go ViralShow Social Proof

Social movements generate enthusiasm among a group of people. When we see other people are using an app then we automatically get attracted towards it. When users sign up for an app then you should display profile pictures of their friends and suggest them to follow active users. You can motivate people to share by showing them how they can grow their network. Suppose if your app has been featured on the top of tech magazine then you should mention such things in the app’s description on the App Store.

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Proven Ways to Make your App Go ViralEarn Trust

The moment from when people feel secure then will definitely trust your product. But it is not easy to win trust but if you achieve this then you can easily make your app popular. You need to offer relevant information to users by using push notifications and emails. Ask people to share the personal experience of the product with you and tell them how they can earn benefits.

Proven Ways to Make your App Go ViralBuild relationships

Focus on building the relationship with users so that they can involve in your app. Communicate with users regularly so that you have an idea what people think about your app. Tell people about yourself and what you care about so that they can trust you. If you want to make your app go viral then build a strong relationship with the audience.

Proven Ways to Make your App Go ViralWork on User Retention

User retention is probably more important than increasing audience. It shows the number of users who are using your app from a certain time of period. In a report, it is revealed that 75% of users delete the application within 90 days. To make your app a success, focus on user retention.


If you are creating an app then definitely your primary focus has to make it viral. There exist various tips through which you can promote your app to the large audience. Are you looking for app developers who can build effective applications? Contact Fluper, where world-class Android app development services are delivered according to clients’ specific requirements

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Anshul Sharma is the visionary CEO of Fluper, the leading mobile app development company known for its innovative solutions and cutting-edge mobile applications. With a relentless drive for excellence and a deep understanding of the tech industry, Anshul leads Fluper with a focus on delivering value-driven products that transform businesses. Under his leadership, Fluper has become synonymous with quality, reliability, and innovation in the digital space.

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