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Left those days, 1970 and 1980s even till the end of 2000s, the mobile phone has got restricted dimensions. Before getting into details, at least we should thank Mr Cooper who took the initiative of inventing mobile phones I.E, Motorola. Initially, it had got very few utilizations i.e., calls, short message system, calculators, calendars and precursory games. These were due to the fact that:

  1. Political Scenarios were not supportive
  2. More alternatives were readily available there which used to play the same role like pager with the same cost.
  3. Less access to people in cities, no question arose in the remotest part of the world.

Journey From Retrieving Mails To Google Android and Apple iOS

In the initials of 2000s, internet facilities came into the picture as far as households are concerned, but still people were the regular visitors of cyber cafes. Just a handy approach, mobile used for retrieving out emails, but supportive networks was critical. But the world was gifted with its first app in 2002 by Blackberry. After the 2010s, people aced with android google , iOS backed by Apple.

Initially, iOS had successfully captivated the market with great exposures of apps. But for an iOS, people must be possessing an apple handset. People belonging to the tropical countries with limited internet facilities are more exposed to android handset rather than apple handset. Up to certain extent, android google has successfully captivated the extensive market of iOS.

Low Cost To The Bearer

During the initial stage of Mobile App Development, download of different versions of android was cumbersome. It tried to bully its users by its time-consuming approach. The difference with the prior   versions was a sling. iOS users were more passionate about purchasing new handsets of apple iOS. So there was a counter bombardment.

But now different versions of android are easily downloaded with minimal time, which made a good difference for the people of tropical countries. But this is something contrary to iOS where people still eagerly wait for the next version of the handset.  A strategy of expansion of apple iOS.

Perfect Amalgamation of UI and UX

Ergonomics of UI and UX explaining the perfect amalgamation of UI and UX. The transition from robotic approach to a streamlined approach has is also responsible for huge success. It left with an aesthetic effect as far as visual experience is concerned. Connected with the metadata and one of the key aspects of interaction design has made for the user a pleasurable experience. Presently people are readily spending thousands of bucks not for the sake of ostentation but for the ultimate pleasure.

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Transition from Technical Coding To XML

Initially one of the obstacles for globalization was technical code, but after the introduction of XML, it successfully erased the problem keeping in mind the integral requirement of the layman or non-technical personality, ensuring authentication. It has passively led to the transition from globalization to localization.

Introduction of SQLite and core data

Integration of SQLite and Core Data proved to be helpful in the securing of data. Bidding goodbye to remote and unreliable servers. Both are the part of database selection which is helpful in creating compatible platforms. It tried to maintain the metabases, which led to the optimization at the macro level.


The conclusion is lucid, globalization of Top Mobile App Development Company was a piecemeal but people whole heartedly accepted it and led to a revolution, from a big handset to the utilization of nanotechnology,  it reached to the macro level from a single piece in each and every  house to bar none individual.


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