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The internet has become a good place for online healthcare consultations and doctor’s appointments. Many healthcare apps are approaching the online marketplace. People don’t prefer to stand in a queue or wait for hours to get a doctor’s appointment. They can install a doctors’ app like Practo and book an online appointment right away. The developers are concerned about a Practo-like app development cost as they’re getting huge demand from clients.

Practo is a very famous doctor’s appointment and consultation app for users of different age groups. It is quite good for old age audience who couldn’t travel to the hospital so frequently. Such mobile apps offer different features for the patient’s convenience. The app comes with advanced video calling and communication features that allow the patients to meet the doctor online.

The Practo-like app development cost is based on such advanced features. If you also want to build a doctor’s consultation app, you must analyze the development cost ahead of time. You should also recall the different factors affecting such costs. In this article, we’ll talk about all those factors and the app development cost model of a Practo-like app. Let’s proceed!

What’s the Cost of Developing a Practo-Like App?

Whats the Cost of Developing a Practo Like App

A Practo-like app can cost you higher to develop. That’s because Practo has become a famous app and has been updated multiple times. As a mobile app starts updating with time, its database expands. It no longer holds a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). The average Practo-like app development cost depends on the time and resources used. App developers are also a resource that is used to create the app effectively. They’ve got the right set of expertise and skills.

They require a good compensation in monetary form and it is also a part of the app development cost. The average cost of building such an app is $30,000 and it could rise to $70,000 when partnered with the latest and advanced features.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Developing a Practo-Like App-

Before knowing how does Practo make money, you should understand the different factors affecting the cost of making such an app. You need to monetize your app by analyzing your total project investment. The cost can fluctuate depending on the below-mentioned factors:

  1. Location

Your app development project is based on a specific location. That means you can choose between either local or international app development service providers. Local service providers are generally cheaper but you can’t consider the US-based app developers in this list. In countries like the US and Canada, such app-building cost is $150 to $250 per hour. It can be lower in Asian countries.

  1. Audience

To build your Practo app for doctors and patients, you have to decide on a target audience that you want to serve. The audience includes your target customers who follow a certain purchase trend. The developers need to add the app features depending on user preferences and market trends. Some audiences need highly advanced features that could raise your app development cost.

  1. Technology Stack

You also have to decide on the ideal tech stack for creating your app. It consists of various tools and techniques used to build a mobile app. Some tools are paid, whereas others are free to use. The developers also charge for using certain tools that they don’t have expertise in using before. Tech-stack required for a Practo-like app includes- Real-Time Analytics, Push Notifications, Cloud Environment, A Database, Language, and a Framework.

  1. Patient Panel

It is a feature that you can’t ignore while building a Practo app for doctors and patients near your locality. The patient panel is essential to facilitate various patients who’re looking for treatment. The patient panel consists of Transaction History, Document Uploads, Sign Up & Sign In, Advanced Filters for Successful Research, and various other features.

  1. Doctor’s Panel Features

The doctor’s panel is equally important as compared to the patient panel. The doctors want effective functions to get a proper insight into various diseases and patient issues. They want to communicate well with the patient to understand the problem and suggest the right treatment. The doctor’s panel includes- Appointment Status of the Patients, Options of Profile Editing, Patient’s Record Access, Earnings & Transaction History.

  1. Admin Panel

Admin Panel is for the app owners. They can make changes to certain app functions and features whenever they like. The Practo like app development cost has some share of the admin panel as well. This admin panel helps the app owners control the app accessibility regarding various features. They can make some features free and some paid for their business development.

  1. Additional Features

Some other factors also facilitate the total app-building cost and the app functionality. A Health App Development Company can help you identify and decide on such additional features effectively. The cost involved in adding such features can vary from one project to another. These additional features include- Search Bar, Live Chat, Video Calling, Doctor’s Rating, Online Payment, and more.

  1. Time Taken

Practo is one of the best doctor app in India and globally. The developers have taken ample time to build such a revolutionary app. But they might have charged well for the development process. They have to invest their precious time and effort in building such an app. In India, the developers take 2 to 5 weeks for creating such an application. Moreover, they charge $40 to $80 on average to complete such tasks.

A doctor’s consultation app can have more features as preferred by the target audience. The developer aims to provide a user-friendly product. So, you must share your app development project requirement thoroughly with the app developers to get the best outcome and ROI.

Final Thought

Practo is a successful doctor’s consultation app that has encouraged timely and hassle-free doctor’s appointments in India and other parts of the world. You can learn so much from their business model and facilitate your local patients and doctors with your mobile app. To know more regarding Practo like app development cost, you can get in touch with a local or international app development company. Go for it!

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