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PostMates is a USA-based on-demand Delivery App. It allows pickup and door-step delivery of restaurant-prepared foods, groceries and a wide range of stuff across the city. In 2020, Uber acquired PostMates for $2.65 billion.

The trends of such on-delivery apps are increasing day by day as people love one zone for food and comfort. This is the reason why many food delivery apps want to expand their services by allowing the facility of delivering groceries and other goods. Many entrepreneurs and experienced organizations are also focused to develop such on-demand delivery apps. There is a high demand for PostMates like apps in India. Hence, the idea of developing and launching such apps is amazing in India as it generates a higher range of revenue. But, the thought first comes to mind before investing in such apps is how much does it cost to develop app like PostMates in India.

Market size of on-demand Delivery Apps:

Market size of on-demand Delivery Apps

When you want to launch PostMates like apps in India, you should compete with the other food and Grocery delivery apps like Zomato, Ubereats, Swigy, BigBasket, GrubHub and more. If you consider the market size of these types of apps, you’ll see the impact is increased after the Covid-19 pandemic condition. Now, people want everything at their doorstep. Hence, the statistics say, the market share of such types of apps will increase by USD 118 billion from 2020 to 2025, at a CAGR of 19.52%. This picture tells that investment in the development of PostMates like apps will be a wise decision. So, you need to know the Cost to Develop app like PostMates?

How does PostMates work?

How does PostMates work

To estimate the PostMates like app development cost, you need to know how it works.

The business model of PostMates is like Uber. But, instead of taxis, they deliver food to the customers. PostMates allows individuals to place orders from anywhere in the city and delivers items using their network of human couriers. Similar to Uber drivers, Postmates couriers receive order notifications on their mobile devices. The company also uses GPS to match demand and supply as quickly as feasible.

PostMates has three different segments to continue its workflow. PostMates like app development cost mostly depends on the work process of these three different segments as the features and technologies of the application will be chosen based on that.

User Segment:

  • Users can explore a wide range of products, categories and stores for choosing products.
  • They can experience seamless shopping from the app by browsing advanced search filters.
  • Users complete their order placement process by the checkout option where they have to place their delivery address and choose the payment option like COD or Any online payment options.

Merchant segment:

  • They can exhibit the products of their store.
  • They can monitor their customer’s demands and serve them according to that.
  • They can only initiate and confirm the order when the customers confirm their payment process.
  • They send a notification to the admin for picking picking up the products and see available PostMates near their store.

Delivery Person’s segment:

  • They work as per their preferred schedule.
  • They get 80% of the delivery charges.
  • They get notifies when their nearby merchant store sends the notification for the product pick up.
  • They can also send a notification to the app when they pick up the product from the store.
  • This feature brings 100% transparency between the store and end user.
  • PostMates or delivery persons can share their live location with the app.

Important TechStack for PostMates like app:

Implementing technologies increases the cost of the app. So, you need to consider the importance Tech Stack requires in this type of app to estimate the Cost to Develop app like PostMates. Here are the listed technologies for this type of application.

App feature Technology
Restaurent Listing Zomato API
Cloud Amazon Web Service
Storage Amazon Cloud Service
Payment Integration Stripe or PayU
Directions Google Map Navigation
User Locations Places API or Google Maps

Must-Have Features of PostMates like app:

Must-Have Features of PostMates like app

The Cost to Develop app like PostMates is based on the feature and functionalities of the application. The PoastMates app consists of three different interfaces that we mentioned before. The features of the three interfaces are as follows.

1. Features of User Interface:

  • User login/ sign in
  • Search bar for searching for the service.
  • Choosing a product from the menu
  • Add requirements to cart
  • Service tracking module
  • Cost Calculator
  • Payment Processing
  • Location Services
  • Feedback module
  • History of orders.

2. Features of Merchant Interface:

  • login
  • Editing menu or managing order
  • Add offer or discount coupon
  • Service tracker
  • Order confirmation
  • payment/billing/earnings module
  • Analyse and manage reports.
  • View on review and ratings

3. Feature of Delivery Person’s Interface:

  • Manage service
  • Manage history and current order
  • Notify about customer location and service
  • Map integration
  • Management of ordering service
  • Management of delivery service

Cost to Develop app like PostMates?

If you want to estimate PostMates like app development cost, you need to consider the following factors.

  • App platforms like android or iOS
  • Innovative and Interactive UI/UX design
  • Features and their complexity
  • Third-party integration
  • Development cost per hour
  • Developer’s geographical location.
  • Testing and maintenance of the app
  • Time for development

In India, the average cost of a developer is $25 to $30 per hour based on their experiences. At this rate, the approximate Cost to Develop app like PostMates in India is between $8000 to $15000. This is the basic range. Lots of factors can affect the cost. The average calculation is as follows.

Process Time Cost
UX/UI Design 4-5 Weeks $2000-$2500
iOS Development 10-12 Weeks $5000- $10000
Android App Development 10-11 Weeks $7000- $9000
Interface Development 10-12 Weeks $7000-$8000

Final thought:

The on-demand delivery service apps like PostMates are focused to provide their service in the comfort zone of the customers. This service generates huge profit in future in different ways like a commission from delivery charges, charges for store promotion, and a commission from advertisements and subscriptions. The Cost to Develop app like PostMates is nothing to the revenue you can earn from this app. You just need to focus on comprehensive research on the features of the app with the help of the experts rather than thinking much about PostMates like app development cost. The experts like any reputed mobile App Development Company can help you to design a perfectly functional app at the best price.

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