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Fluper, a top-rated mobile application development company, discovered the imperativeness of the presence of a multi-featured application for the drivers of the realtor sector. It has been discussed time and again, that mobile applications actually boost up sales for any business idea considering the fact that it is built with the target customers in focus. Real estate is the most important and booming sector at present and expanding gradually with the aim to house the rising population around the world. App development service can cater to the requirements of both the customers and sellers alike. Before commencing the entire process it is important for the client or an individual developer to honestly conduct proper research on the target market and the specifications of each individual in focus. Also, the application can either have a single platform or a dual one depending on the objective and purpose of the mobile developer/client.

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One will argue on the fact that it is best to shoulder the complex responsibility of developing an application to the hired mobile app developer. Amateurs can build an application easily due to the presence of many tools and tutorials available right on-request. Yet the perfect blend of innovation and technology, giving birth to an entirely different and unique application can only generate out of the hands of an experienced and full-time developer. The market for mobile technology is highly volatile and keeps altering with time. This is not always possible for an amateur to have such in-depth knowledge on the nitty-gritty of app development. The templates used can result in copyright violation act. Top notch mobile application development companies similar to Fluper, therefore, has the desired set of skills as well as the market experience to shape up exceptional mobile applications especially for a sector which is torn by the very presence of greedy real estate agents and brokers. Mobile applications designed for this particular sector mostly targets these intermediaries, eliminating them once and for all. These apps establish a direct contact between the ultimate buyers and sellers which, in turn, saves the buyers from spending extra charges on the middlemen.

Keeping all these factors in mind, this blog brings forth few such real estate apps as examples to highlight the must-have features of the apps as well as the underlying mobile app development skills of the team responsible for giving birth to them.


One can suffer from a serious dilemma in scanning the cities and spotting the ideal place to build your own home. Real estates are popping up here and there, wherever a free space is available. But which builder is honest, which complex offers the best amenities yet at pocket-friendly rates etc. How will you gain information on all these? Contacting a broker will charge quite a lump sum amount. So, Trulia can be the best alternative to scan the market, compare the prices and opt for the most suitable deal. This application is available for both the Android and iOS users alike. Immersive images and videos give a virtual tour of the interiors along with details on the neighborhood including the restaurants, bars, schools and others. It has been awarded 4.5-star ratings in the Google Play store.


Yet again designed on both the Android and iOS platform, Homes.com give access to millions of homes put up for sale and rent across the entire country of US. The images and videos give a complete tour of the neighborhood but the application serves the limited area and is not meant for Global usage. If you check the ratings, Google Play store awards a 4 star to this application.

A resident of US?? Check out Homes.com!!


A truly integrated platform to buy and sell a home, Xome can be the only option for those who stay away from their own homes. This application assists in finding the perfect abode for oneself in a foreign land easily without the headache of paying the unnecessary amount to the broker. Also, if any user plan on selling of the house at short notice, Xome can aid in listing out the different options in the application, pushing offers, carrying through the different matters and finally closing the deal at market rate. An entire headache is practically shouldered by the application itself.

An entire headache is shipped off the user within minutes courtesy real estate applications. The above-mentioned names are few such examples that have revolutionized the entire service sector.

Final Words

Not only the real estate rather each and every field deserves an application carefully researched and build to simplify the complex lives of the smartphone users. Fluper is one such example of the best mobile application development companies who have the market experience to render such apps including the ones mentioned in the blog. The team’s skills are scattered across different genres including the real estate one. With the progress made in the technology world, the app developers and designers upgrade themselves to offer services which are in accordance with the changing market standards and technologically advanced to suit the tech-savvy current generation.

If anyone has any desire to release such an application into either of the app stores, then Fluper is the one-stop solution for them. You can consider hiring them for your app development requirement.


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