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Oracle has recently launched four cloud based solutions on 13th this month. Expanding its fleet in IoT, the company has said that the new solutions will help business to get insights of IoT devices and also able to predict the future preceding of the devices. What it means for non-technical people out there? The IoT sensors over different devices will sync the data to the cloud, and business will be able to get the insights of this database over the cloud. Various app development companies will also come into this arena now.

“The world is becoming ever-more digital and IoT is the next step on that journey delivering better customer experiences and helping organizations achieve a competitive advantage”, this is what the group vice president of Oracle’s IoT applications development, Bhagat Nainani, said, in a company press release. The new cloud solutions will integrate with the existing Oracle Supply Chain Management Cloud so as to provide better inventory management and better supply chain management and other benefits.

The new cloud based services includes, IoT Production Monitoring Cloud, IoT Connected Worker Cloud, IoT Asset Monitoring Cloud, and IoT Fleet Monitoring Cloud. Each one has its own unique role and contribution to the business.

iot new technology

IoT Asset Monitoring Cloud

It monitors the assets of the company, their utilization and availability. This data is collected from sensors put across the resources in the company.

IoT Connected Worker Cloud

It is basically designed to keep track of employees. It supports “safety, service, and regulatory compliance initiatives” as said by the Oracle.

IoT Production Monitoring Cloud

It is designed by keeping the production cycle in mind. It monitors production and assess manufacturing issues and its causes.

IoT Fleet Monitoring Cloud

As the name suggests, IoT Fleet Monitoring Cloud is made for the monitoring of position and progress of vehicles, both for cargo and passenger. It also analysis driving patterns.

And What else?

And to provide seamless availability of the data collected by the sensors positioned on different places, all the above said cloud application are built on Oracle Big Data Cloud. This will make the data available for the analysis and prediction activities. This will assist in real time analytics of the data, and in turn this will facilitate in better decision making for the company, saving time, money and fuel on different aspects.

“We’ve taken the technology to connect and store data with the ability to extract relevant signals out of that data…. Such as tracking trucks and fleet monitoring,” as said by Oracle VP Jon Chorley. Oracle applications are able to perform actions automatically, such as repair schedule of trucks and employee tracking.

What it means?

IoT is really changing the way we live. The automatic actions and decision support system facilities has smoothened the business. “Oracle IoT Asset Monitoring Cloud will help us in monitoring FANUC robots that are deployed on our plant floors and alert technicians proactively on their mobile device”, said Scott Rogers, Technical Director, Noble Plastics.

Along with Oracle Big Data Cloud these applications can also be synced with the respective ERP, SCM and HCM of the companies for better access to the data collected by the sensors.


The service is priced at $2000 for non-metered version and $4000for the metered version, according to the company’s website. $6.72 per hour pricing scheme is also available. Metered scheme is best suited for the large scale customers where the data volume varies a lot over time.

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