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SAN FRANCISCO—Oracle is exclusively located for expansion in the enterprise’s cloud application market section, since it powers the database, security, analytics, integration, and extensibility abilities of its fundamental Oracle Generation 2 Cloud Infrastructure, Larry Ellison, the Chairman, and CTO said in his next keynote at Oracle OpenWorld.

Oracle, which begun redrafting its every on-premises apps for the cloud some years ago, by now is the #1 supplier of cloud-native ERP & human resources applications and the #2 supplier of cloud-native user experience (CX—sales, marketing, commerce, and customer service,) apps, Ellison mentioned. In whole, Oracle has over 31,000 clouds app users, he said.

At Oracle OpenWorld, Larry Ellison informed the mass that the organization sustains to innovate, at both the app and infrastructure stages.

Meantime, the core app competitors of Oracle—Workday and SAP in financials, Salesforce.com in CX, Workday in HR apps, are restricted by their shortage of a reliable cloud infrastructure layer, informed Ellison in his September 18 keynote. While, the four main competitors of Oracle in cloud infrastructure, i.e., Google, Microsoft, IBM, and Amazon Web Services, only Microsoft consists of a portfolio of cloud enterprise apps.

In cloud ERP/financials, the most important but least grown-up organization cloud app sector, Oracle has roughly 25,000 users for its Fusion & Oracle NetSuite apps, contrasted with hundred for Workday, Larry Ellison said.

Oracle’s major entrant in the on-premises ERP sector, SAP, acquired several cloud apps organizations over the years “but somehow forgot to rewrite their applications for the cloud,” he said.

In its place, SAP paying attention to building a database, known as Hana, to fight with the leading database of Oracle, Ellison said, successfully telling users: “We want you to move to the same old applications you had before, but now they’re running on Hana,” he said “…They don’t have cloud ERP applications, and they certainly don’t have a cloud platform. We think that’s a huge opportunity for us. Thank you, SAP, for doing that.”

Oracle contains more cloud apps with additional features as compared to any other organization app provider- on premises or cloud, Ellison said.  The organization sustains to innovate, at both the app, as well as infrastructure levels.

It declared at Oracle OpenWorld new cloud-based project, procedure, and mixed-mode developed apps; novel machine-learning-based internet assistant functionality in its cloud CX, HR, and ERP applications; an offering known as CX Unity, which unites internal & third-party information about users; new analytics abilities, including a data store that allows users to access analytics on their Fusion app data merged with exterior data sources; incorporation of its Eloqua B2B marketing & Data Fox instant commerce intelligence systems; & an efficient user interface, known as Redwood, that the corporation will launch across its different cloud applications.

Larry Ellison said, “This is no longer early days, this is a period we’re seeing of sudden acceleration, as we see customers wanting to modernize their systems, wanting to modernize their business practices, moving from older systems to modern cloud systems. And again, we think [it’s] a gigantic opportunity for us.”

Amongst Oracle’s most significant cloud app users—a few of which weren’t on-premises E-Business Suite users—are


iconMajor League Baseball.

iconCox Communications

iconHSBC, Wells Fargo


iconDuke University

iconFord, BMW, Mack Trucks


Adding further, he said, “The rate at which these systems are going in—from the time you sign the contract to the time you go live—is not lots of years. Now it’s lots of months.” “Big difference from the systems that came before. Even our systems—[they go] in much more quickly for much less money than our earlier on-premises systems.”

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