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Apple’s iMac has been upgraded for the first time in almost 2 years. Many products of Apple iMac line have been updated by upgrading their internal component configurations. It has refreshed its iMac desktops by offering new processors and graphic chips for two of its models, 21.5 inch and 27 inch ones.The 21.5-inch iMac starts at at a price of 1299 USD, while the 27-inch model starts at a price of 1,799 USD.

Now iMac 21.5 comes with either an 8th Gen quad-core or six-core i5 processor. The graphics features comes with either a Radeon Pro 555X GPU or a Radeon Pro 560X. You can configure a custom model with up to a six core i7 processor, 32 GB RAM, and AMD’s Radeon pro Vega 20 GPU coming with 4GB memory. The 21.5 inch Retina machine includes a 1 TB hard drive in the 1299 USD model which can be upgraded further.

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The 27 inch iMac version can start with Intel’s i5 processor which is six core. You can also configure you non-Pro iMac with a 9th Generation i9 Intel core CPU. It has a clock speed of 5 Ghz and can deliver upto 2.4 times higher performance than the previous version. Some 8th Generation Intel CPUs are coming in the 27 inch iMac version. The base version of 1799 USD also comes with 27 inch, 8th Generation CPUs. Graphics available on 27 inch version includes a Radeon Pro 570X, 575X and 580X GPUs are available in prebuilt models. AMDs Radeon Pro Vega 48 GPU comes with 8 GB memory.

Only Upgrades and No New products

Apple has not completely released a new iMac, it has only provided with  upgrades into previous versions. This update provides a higher speed, and it seems that Apple seems to be satisfied in users experience. It has provided more powerful CPUs which have great clock rate and processing power. These upgrades are only for the standard models of Apple’s iMac. The iMac pro which was released in December, 2017 finally got the updates it required. These upgrades are a welcoming step for the users of iMac considering many iMac’s competitors have already left 7th Generation Intel CPUs. The reason for Apple’s no interest in new launches for the iMac might be because Intel has plans to launch Xeon W – series processors which are next Generation processors. Apart from it will had already released its 28 core Intel Xeon W-3175 processor in December, 2018.

Owners of iMac might not be happy with these upgrades as Apple’s updates are on the lines of Intel’s 8th Generation processors. The most priced version of the 27 inch model has the biggest chips but customers will only be able to get new chips if they buy a custom configured computer. Users expecting a specification boost are going to be disappointed since Apple is still lagging when compared to other processors.

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