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Today’s kids are more advanced and tech-savvy than we have ever been. You do not need to teach your 3-year-old how to open and navigate a smartphone. Do you? At times, they are more aware of features that you might be not having any clue. Afterall they are born at a time when the entire world is going mobile. It is pointless steering them away from modern technology. Top mobile application development companies have recognized this market segment aptly to come up with apps, which are exclusively for the toddlers. Now they learn from their parents and if they witness their parents, spending more time surfing internet it is obvious they will follow suit. Even they want to remain socially connected with their friends online. So, why cannot there be a social messenger application designed exclusively for the toddlers? Facebook realized that even the children aged 6 to 13 years need a cyberspace of their own and here we have an application solely designed for them. This is none other than Facebook Messenger Kids application. But, parents may have doubts pertaining to exposing their wards to the cruel world of social messengers at a time when so many incidents occurred where young children fell to their death by getting victimized by the cybercriminals. How can they forget the Blue Whale Challenge gaming application and Sarahah.com? This calls for a proper understanding of this application and the purpose for which such an idea popped up in the brains of mobile developers responsible for such an application.

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Hence, for all those doubting parents and those users who probably have not heard of this application, here is all that you need to know about Facebook ‘Messenger Kids’ application.

This is an application, which claims to offer the safe platform to exchange messages and carry video conversation with family and friends when they are apart from persons. Facebook did not just randomly come up with this extended feature. A lot of research worked behind shaping the idea into a workable application. The mobile application developers found even small kids need to connect with their loved ones but under the strict supervision of their parents. Their concern defined such an application that allows users below 13 years of age sign up to have a cyberspace of their own.

The sole purpose is to save the young minds from being brutalized by cybercriminals hiding behind friendly faces in social network sites. Irrespective of age limits defined in the social apps lack of stringent measures have pushed many young users signing up here and parents have simply no way to find out whether they are chatting with authentic users or are likely to get dodged by criminals. Parents download this app on their kid’s phone or tablet, create a profile and approve the list of friends and families.

What can we expect from this extended feature of Facebook?

mobile apps

  • No additional app download needed as this is an extended version of the already existing Facebook application.
  • It is a free video calling and messaging app.
  • Kids connect to parent-approved contacts only.
  • Facilitate group or one-to-one video call.
  • Kids cannot hide or eliminate messages.
  • Library of kid-appropriate masks, frames, stickers, and GIFs make chats and videos fun-filled.
  • Playful masks, emojis, and sound effects make conversation alive.
  • Exchange of videos, texts, and images possible across the regular messenger app.
  • Parents control contact list using the Messenger kids control panel in the main Facebook app.
  • Account setup by parents.
  • It gives an ad-free experience to the kids.
  • Inappropriate contents are easily reported.
  • Contacts are blocked both by the kids and by their parents.
  • This is not a separate individual account on Facebook Rather it is a separate app for the kids solely.

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Time to wrap up

I believe this forms a part of the corporate social responsibility of any mobile application development company to define measures that can be adopted to safeguard the online victims from different harassment cases, which are rampant nowadays. And kids are the country’s future special care must be taken considering nothing is hidden from the tech-savvy next generation. Facebook took the first step to lend a protecting hand to the parents who find it difficult to keep up with their wards’ fast-changing social life. And now it is your turn.

Top-rated mobile app Development Company such as Fluper recognizes this social issue and make sure his or her designed applications do not end up causing someone’s misery. Proper measures aptly defined in the applications can deal with the offenders strictly.

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